PV14 - 2 Story 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, Dallas, Texas

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ArchitectM Gooden Design
Structural engineer AG&E Structural Engenuity
Area3700 sf
LocationDallas, Texas, USA
PhotographyWade Griffith, Kurt Griesbach

This 3 bedroom shipping container home is located not far from White Rock Park, at the same street, and it is one of the highest elevations in Dallas, Texas, and it is about 100’ above White Rock Lake’s surface. The lake is just about 1,000 feet away to the southwest.

To create a unique design and to build a modern and unequalled house were the main purposes for the architects. The residence should be appropriate to the specific site and the technologies for house’s erection should be readily available, but at the same time not very often used in nowadays residence building. The house is a two-story single family residence which includes small penthouse with roof deck access. There are 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms, ground level entertainment area, 2 car garage + storage bay, porte cochere, large roof deck with panoramic view and elevated covered porches adjacent to main living areas.

The majestic scenery of the lake, the trees all around it and the City can be seen from the 2 story shipping container home. And that is the main advantage of house’s high location and its axis is aligned with the City street grid to the Southwest.

The goal of elevation of living areas is to create more comfortable conditions for living, the designers wanted to separate the 3 bedroom shipping container home from the street traffic activity near the house and to make the views better.

The using of overhangs and porches is perfect decision for protecting windows from direct sunlight. And this clever solution helps also to capture the natural light, so it reduces energy bills. And nothing interrupts the picturesque scenery.

For reducing energy costs and extending the life of the roof the architects equipped the 3 bedroom shipping container home’s roof deck with a solar screen, applied to the insulated single-ply membrane.

The residence was built from concrete, steel structures, prefab steel modules - 40ft shipping containers, masonry and glass. All of these elements are combined and create really unique and comfortable design.

Shipping containers can help refugees - concept by Middelkoop Architecten

In the context of the influx of refugees to the Netherlands the returntainer has been developed. This container unit is designed and insulated so comfortable living is perfectly possible. The interior can be finished with insulated panels, kitchen and bathroom are also provided. Several units can be connected to provide larger family shelter.

The container unit is fabricated by removing the standard container doors and a few sections of sidewall. These details can be stored in order to be used again if a relocation will be desired. Regarding the location the container unit concept can be implemented on almost any temporary vacant lot or even in agricultural areas.

Made from high quality steel, shipping containers have excellent fire resistance. These properties are especially important for refugee camps and can save people's lives.

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return.tainer concept by Middelkoop Architecten