5 container home ideas inspired by Oregon

Container Homes are shipping containers that contain humans—not kidding. This is exactly what they are. They are simple shipping boxes that are turned into shelters to accommodate humans. You imagine it right! It is indeed a steel structure similar to a ship structure, transformed into a space suitable for living. The idea is to turn shipping containers into homes that are not only beautiful but also sustainable.

The reason for such an undertaking is to deal with the affordable housing challenges faced by the citizens of the present generation. It is also a mode of recycling reasonably. While sustainability is the prime motive behind the concept of turning shipping containers into homes, comfort and elegance are not entirely ignored. The excellence lies in drawing a balance between all these. Not all states in the United States quickly say 'yes' to the use of container houses. However, many do permit the use of shipping container homes without much hassle. This includes Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, California, Alaska, Louisiana, and Oregon.

The International Code Council (ICC) guides the acceptable codes of the states that allow container houses. Container houses come in various shapes and sizes. It can be a huge rectangular box to accommodate multiple families. They can also be square-shaped cabins made for official purposes. They can also be a two-story house made for a nuclear family. Not just that. In recent times innovation has led to the use of many other materials to alter and adorn the metallic walls of the houses.

640 Square Feet Single Story Shipping Container Home with Cantilevered Roof and Covered Deck, California

3D Rendering/Model
Floor Plan
About Logical Homes

ProjectAegean 640
DesignLogical Homes
ArchitectPeter DeMaria
Area640 square feet
Assemble Time5 days

Designed and manufactured by Logical Homes for a multi-national manufacturer of flat screen televisions, this exhibit for the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show was based on an adaptation of the Aegean 640 model shipping container home design. The kitchen of the standard Aegean 640 was removed to provide a larger living room for the display of television products. Landscaping and outdoor furniture elements were created by Logical Homes to complement the shipping container house design. This small footprint shipping container home was fabricated in Los Angeles and then transported to the Las Vegas Convention Center where it was assembled in five days ready for the Consumer Electronics Show which attracts 150,000 visitors.