OOST Kampville - Shipping Containers under Separate A-Frame Roof Structure, Thailand

Because of the tropical climate and the problem of heat transfer of the container to the indoor, the A-Frame roof structure was create to be the shading device for the containers.

Floor Plans and Drawings

ProjectOOST Kampville
ArchitectTung Jai Ork Baab
LocationNakhon Nayok, Thailand
Area195 sqm (2100 sqft)
PhotographyArt Chitsanupong

Description by the architects

Located in low and flooding land area of Nakhon Nayok within 2 hours from Bangkok, OOST Kampville was the project that develop from empty rice paddle to be the orchards and weekend house for multi generations family to get away from the city life. Small reservoir was dig out and the create the land area contain the orchards and the house.

During the early development the owner decide to give more flexible programing to the project that can develop to be private vacation rentals for the target group of family with kids. The initial idea of the project is to use the pre-fabrication construction method because of the limitation resource of local contractor and skillful construction workers, so the shipping container was then introduced to be the main indoor space of the house.

Colo Crossings House - Shipping Container Home in NSW, Australia

As its own protected outpost, Colo Crossings is an idyllic escape. Benn and Penna Architects has utilised the humble and efficient structure of the shipping container to craft a unique and celebrated place of retreat.

Floor Plans and Drawings
About Benn and Penna Architects

ProjectColo Crossings House
ArchitectBenn + Penna Architecture
LocationLower Portland, New South Wales, Australia
Area215 sqm (2300 sqft)
PhotographyTom Ferguson, Sean Tran

Description by the architects

Colo Crossings intersects landscape and shelter in the pursuit of retreat. Located 100 kilometers north-west of Sydney’s CBD, and sitting atop a steep slope above the Colo River, the private abode recesses into its setting alongside its occupants' withdrawal from the city in a rural effortlessness, with containment and refinement perched atop an unforgiving landscape. ‘Isolation’ takes on a new meaning as a celebration of one's surroundings.

A 3-dimensional weave of landscape and building, the home is wrapped in bush-laden mountains from all sides, within a bend in the Colo River. Looped internal circulation alludes to the external topography, allowing occupants to move cyclically through the house alongside the passing east-westerly sun and exposed elements. The u-shaped floor plan, containing 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an open plan kitchen and living room further wraps its arms around the occupant. The horizontal form utilizes a tri-toned color scheme, which assimilates the building further into the landscape: a black platform is anchored onto the blackened rock shelf, followed by bush green shipping containers, topped with a silvered roofscape under the reflective kinetics of the clouds.

Box on the Rox Shipping Container Home + 20ft Container Swimming Pool, Joshua Tree, California

3D Rendering
About David Bailey - Architect
About Alternative Living Spaces - Builder

ProjectBox on the Rox
ArchitectDavid Bailey
BuilderAlternative Living Spaces
Containers3 + 1 (container swimming pool)
Build Time4 month
LocationJoshua Tree, California, United States

Welcome to Box on the Rox, a unique and enchanting modern shipping container home nestled amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Joshua Tree National Park! Just a few minutes to the park entrance and downtown, this extraordinary vacation rental offers an unparalleled experience, where modern comfort meets the rugged beauty of the desert.

Designed by renowned architect David Bailey, this thoughtfully designed container home is an architectural gem, combining sustainable living with contemporary style. Panoramic views of the breathtaking desert landscape, make it an ideal retreat for those who love to take in the outdoors from the moment you step onto the property. Airbnb link.