Box on the Rox Shipping Container Home + 20ft Container Swimming Pool, Joshua Tree, California

3D Rendering
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ProjectBox on the Rox
ArchitectDavid Bailey
BuilderAlternative Living Spaces
Containers3 + 1 (container swimming pool)
Build Time4 month
LocationJoshua Tree, California, United States

Welcome to Box on the Rox, a unique and enchanting modern shipping container home nestled amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of Joshua Tree National Park! Just a few minutes to the park entrance and downtown, this extraordinary vacation rental offers an unparalleled experience, where modern comfort meets the rugged beauty of the desert.

Designed by renowned architect David Bailey, this thoughtfully designed container home is an architectural gem, combining sustainable living with contemporary style. Panoramic views of the breathtaking desert landscape, make it an ideal retreat for those who love to take in the outdoors from the moment you step onto the property. Airbnb link.

3D Rendering

Construction Process

About David Bailey

Quality Architectural Drawings with a Focus on Customer Service is Our Specialty

The mission of David L. Bailey Architect, Inc. is to provide clients with unsurpassable construction documents to get their projects built, including shipping container homes projects. As a licensed architect, David L. Bailey has worked in the Orange County building community for over 2 decades, always putting his clients first. His broad portfolio of successful work includes both residential and commercial projects. Custom homes, remodels, shipping container homes, room additions and tenant improvements are all approached with the highest level of service and quality in mind.

We bring to the table:

  • A clear understanding of architecture
  • A creative and experienced team
  • Flexible project parameters
  • A broad range of products and services
  • Certified quality management

Our Services

Focusing on quality drawings for the built environment, count on us to provide expert leadership and comprehensive support during all phases of your project.

Below is partial listing of our services:

1. Consultation

  • Basic evaluation
  • Individual design planning
  • Preparation of building applications
  • Project development and coordination
  • Assessment of developed and undeveloped properties
  • Building site selection and real estate consultation

2. Construction Documents

  • Custom residential and home construction
  • Remodeling and addition planning
  • Commercial and industrial buildings

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About Alternative Living Spaces

Inspired by the need for there to be an affordable housing alternative, ALT is a leader in the container housing industry and in the new wave of modern modular construction. Based in Las Vegas, NV, we are committed to expanding and having a global impact. 
How to start?

Getting connected with one of our team members is your first step toward ordering your shipping container tiny home. They will ensure the product is a good fit for you, provide you with final pricing and answer any questions you might have. Once you are ready to move forward, we collect a 20% reservation deposit and begin the build process.

How long does it take to build?

While our standard build time is 14-18 weeks, if we have units in inventory, you can recieve your unit within 1-2 weeks.

How do you heat and cool shipping container homes?

Mini-split HVAC units are used to provide ample heat and AC.

What does it mean that it’s RV Certified?

Our units are RV Certified through Pacific West Tiny Homes. This ensures the unit is built to RV code standards and has been inspected properly. RV Certification qualifies the unit to be financed and allows the unit to be placed in RV Parks.

Can I tow it myself?

Yes. A number of large block gas engines (V8, V10) or diesel engines can tow a container tiny home. The ALT Studio weighs roughly 15,000 pounds so a one-ton truck is typically recommended.

Can you do a permitted Container Home?

We do not offer permitted container homes at this time. While we have done permitted builds in the past, given the barriers to accomplishing permitted container home projects and the high costs associated with it we have decided to focus on the non-permitted type builds and RV tiny home models.

How do payments and financing work?

Our finance partners are able to provide a loan on 80% of the value of the unit. The other 20% is to be provided by the purchaser as a down payment. If down payment assistance is required, our partners at Operation Tiny Home can provide partial assistance as well.

Can it handle harsh climates?

All of our units are well insulated as it relates to RV certification standards. If you are in an extreme climate, additional measures can be taken to ensure it’s sufficiently insulated.

How do I get my unit insured?

There are companies that help to provide insurance for tiny homes and shipping container homes. Here are a couple companies you can reach out to and the regions they serve: Strategic Insurance Agency: AZ, CA, CO, ID, NV,NC, TN, OR, WA Darrell Green Insurance: West Coast, NC, TN

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Box on the Rox Shipping Container Home + 20ft Container Swimming Pool, Joshua Tree, California