5 Finish and Material Considerations for Your Prefab Container Home

Container homes offer incredible versatility when it comes to home décor options and finishing styles.
The rudimentary design essentially offers a blank canvas for you to decorate in a way that reflects your
unique lifestyle. There are many options when it comes to creating a pleasing surface appearance for
your container home. Consider these 5 finish and material selections when creating your ideal living

Bamboo Panels

Bamboo panels are a fantastic choice for creating a flattering interior wall space. This option strikes a lovely balance of invoking an eco-friendly atmosphere while also displaying a modern aesthetic, resulting in a timeless décor choice that simply won’t go out of style. Available in a spectrum of colors, bamboo panels feature a very subtle wood grain that complements a variety of interior décor. Select a dark, rich tone for a lavish appearance, or try a more blonde color to create a light and airy space.