Shipping Container Home Design for Hot Climate, Thailand

LocationKrabi, Thailand
Project costUS $39,000

This amazing shipping container home design was created by owner specially for hot climate of Krabi province in Thailand. Due to proximity of the location to the equator, there is little variation in high and low temperatures in the course of the year. Krabi has an average annual low of 25 °C (77 °F) and an annual high of 32 °C (90 °F).

The home consists of 4 containers: 2 of them create space for kitchen, shop, and storage downstairs; other 2 containers are for living area upstairs. White color was chosen to maximize the reflection of sunlight and to prevent heating of the walls surface.

All-Electric Shipping Container Office Building, Rhode Island, USA

About Truth Box

ProjectThe Box Office
DesignerDistill Studio
DeveloperTruth Box
LocationProvidence, Rhode Island, USA
PhotosNat Rea, Glen Turner

The Box Office was constructed from 32 shipping containers in Providence, Rhode Island, on the former Harris Lumber site. The shipping container office building consists of 12 studio/office spaces. Joe Haskett from Distill Studio created the design and the project was developed by Truth Box.

Among the many green features are:
  • using recycled containers;
  • a super tight, well-insulated exterior with high thermal performance doors and windows;
  • high efficiency heat pumps (air source) in each unit;
  • ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) to provide fresh air and to conserve energy;
  • solar panel array (10 KwH) on the roof (the building is "all electric").

The Box Office uses 22 KBTU/sf/year, or about 25% of a "typical" office building.

Windows location is strategically designed to provide the most indoor daylight with the most effective openings sizes; the result are well-lit and comfortable interiors with superior air quality in the units, even though the Box Office is nestled between a major urban roadway, a train track and a highway.