The Pacific Bin - 3 Bedrooms Shipping Container Home in the Foothills of the Cascade Mountains (45 minutes from Seattle), Washington

The goal of The Pacific Bin is to give Seattle residents an outlet from the craziness of life.

Construction Process
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About Aleksandra Forystek

ProjectThe Pacific Bin
Owner and General ContractorDevon Loerop
ArchitectAleksandra Forystek
Area1600 sqft
LocationSultan, WA

Built from 5 intermodal containers in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, The Bin is truly one of a kind vacation home located in Sultan, WA.

The Bin offers 1600 square feet of interior space and 900 square feet of exterior deck space, sleeps 7 adults, one king bed, one full bed and 3 twin beds. The Bin boasts a large full service kitchen, hot tub, steam shower, private hiking trails, multilevel large wrap-around deck, indoor fireplace, outdoor firepit, helicopter landing zone, car charger, TV, high speed internet, and so much more!


Construction Process

Who wants a fresh cold glass of Pacific Bin mountain?! It's official the well is drilled and it's only down 165 feet. (Which is great because it costs $62 per every foot). The reason the water is so musty is because of all the sand/rock at the bottom got stirred up while drilling. Next day the sand screen gets installed which will make the water nice and clear. Then next week the pump goes in.
3 feet under the driveway there are now conduits where the utility company will run power and Comcast will run data.
Footings get poured and the knee walls start to get framed.
JB Concrete does all of concrete work.
The owner refused to pay $4k for a crane to set containers so they made it happen with a bobcat and mini excavator! The total rental cost for the bobcat and excavator was $1k. Trying to save that money where they can so they can get some fancy furniture inside the bin.
Two neighborhood pups.


Contact Info

AddressReiner Rd, Monroe, WA 98272, United States
Phone+1 630-442-3634

About Aleksandra Forystek

My love for art and design lead me to pursue a deeper knowledge and understanding of both residential and commercial interior spaces. I received an undergraduate degree in Interior Design, excelling in Automated Computer Assisted Design. Solving complex design challenges, coupled with my ability to bring spaces to life is my passion! When I am not designing or immersed in DIY projects, I am traveling the world and keeping current with cutting edge design products and trends.

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The Pacific Bin - 3 Bedrooms Shipping Container Home in the Foothills of the Cascade Mountains (45 minutes from Seattle), Washington