Decameron - Low Budget Colorful Shipping Container Store, Brazil

This ISO container building was designed and built of six ISO containers and existing double height hangar structure, taking advantage of the cubic volume and the linearity of the container spaces. Huge sliding polycarbonate doors connect the building with an inner garden and the city.

About Studio MK27

Project: Decameron
Design: Studio MK27
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Containers: 6
Site area: 540 sqm
Built area: 250 sqm
Architect: Marcio Kogan
Co-architects: Mariana Simas
Architecture team: Danilo Terra, Maria Cristina Motta, Oswaldo Pessano, Pedro Tuma
Interiors team: Diana Radomysler
Landscape designer: Renata Tilli
Structure engineer: Pouguett Engenharia e Projetos
General contractor: Terra Gaia
Project year: May 2008
Completion year: January 2011
Photographer: Pedro Vannucchi

In a trendy spot on the most popular decoration street in the city, Gabriel Monteiro da Silva Mall, the last empty lot remained.

The client rented the land and instructed the architect to develop a very low-cost project, something that could be quickly built, respecting the existing trees.

The idea was to use shipping containers, reuse a finished object, a surplus from the current intense exchange of goods.

The project was organized into two container tunnels, taking advantage of the linearity of their internal spaces, and a double-height hangar connected to them, a contrasting cubic volume. Huge polycarbonate sliding doors connect the store with the city and an internal garden.