Shipping Container Home on Pre-existing Unused and Abandoned Concrete Foundation, Pennsylvania

Floor Plan / Drawing

ProjectMoseley-Mathesius Residence
Area7200 sqft
OwnersMartha Moseley and Bill Mathesius
PhotographyIke Edeani
LocationYardley, Pennsylvania

Just west of the New Jersey–Pennsylvania border, in the Bucks County borough of Yardley, across the street from the Delaware River, the shipping container home of Martha Moseley and Bill Mathesius sits on a sizable lot. Fashioned from 11 shipping containers and a preexisting raised-concrete foundation, the three-level, 7,200-square-foot structure stands in stark contrast to the neighboring vernacular of prewar summer cottages. The couple were inspired to build using the distinctively industrial material upon realizing the length of the foundation—a botched, unrealized construction project of its previous owner—perfectly matched that of 45-foot-long containers. Mostly self-designed, and largely furnished with pieces designed by Mathesius himself, the structure is akin to a giant art project and manifestation of their personalities.

Purchasing a lot off the Delaware River in Pennsylvania, Martha Moseley and Bill Mathesius adapted an unused concrete foundation—remnants of its previous owner’s abandoned plans—to create a home that’s uniquely their own. “We were inspired by the site, and our desire to have something cool and different,” says Moseley.

Martha Moseley: There were little summer bungalows here in the ’30s and ’40s—that’s the way this community had developed. There was one here and it burned down, and so that owner decided to build a monster house. He put in all the concrete but abandoned the project. That’s part of what we purchased and very much what inspired us to build with shipping containers: this concrete foundation.

Whiskey Bend Ranch - 1000 sqft Shipping Container Home in Jonestown, Texas (35 miles from Austin)

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ProjectWhiskey Bend Ranch
BuilderNexgen Contractors
Area1000 sqft
AutomationWoods Comfort Systems
Interior DesignTroo Designs, Kate Cutshall, Kate Mackenzie, Patrice Rios

Whiskey Bend Ranch is a truly remarkable property that sits on a sprawling 30-acre ranchette in the scenic countryside just outside of Austin, Texas. With close proximity to Lake Travis, this stunning shipping container home is an ideal retreat for those looking to enjoy a peaceful and serene setting while still being close to the city's amenities.

The primary residence of the property is composed of two 40 ft shipping containers that are parallel to each other and slightly offset, creating a sense of asymmetry that adds to the home's visual appeal. The containers' industrial aesthetic is seamlessly integrated with the modern design elements, creating a unique and harmonious look.

Inside the home, the open-plan kitchen and living area is the heart of the home, where natural light floods the space through large windows that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The use of light-colored walls, flooring, and countertops in the kitchen and living room enhances the brightness and warmth of the space, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

The bedroom and bathroom are efficiently designed to provide privacy while still maintaining an open and airy feel. The bedroom features a comfortable bed and large windows that allow ample natural light and fresh air, creating a calming and relaxing environment. The bathroom is equipped with modern fixtures and finishes, providing a luxurious and comfortable space.

But what really sets this shipping container cabin apart are its unique features. The deck that surrounds the home is a perfect outdoor space for entertaining guests, enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, or relaxing while taking in the scenic views. The deck is seamlessly connected to the interior of the home, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.