Shipping Container Restaurant in Mexico City: Perros Y Burros

About Container Spaces
Perros Y Burros Location

Perros Y Burros - Shipping Container Restaurant in Mexico City was build by Mexican company Container Spaces.

Container Spaces works with recycling materials and has an architectural approach to the re-use of ISO shipping containers as a base element for construction of modular spaces for housing and commercial use, taking advantage of its characteristics of strength, mobility and adaptability, plus count the cost-benefit aspect.

Shipping containers padel sport club

For a shipping containers padel sport club (its a mix between tennis and squash) the Living Project Homes used 4 x 40ft HC containers, inside the containers they built a woodframe with insulation. The client wanted an eco look, the walls from the OSB3 board and the roof from OSB3 with a PVC folie wrap around for the color.

The movable container construction allows the client to have a permit for 2 years on this place, that's why he chose containers so over 2 years he can take all the containers and place them somewhere else.

The building time of this project was 4 weeks, and the time for placing, connecting and finishing on location was around one week.

Design Living Project Homes
Location Mechelen, Belgium
Year 2016

Pall Mall Hostel - Shipping Container Event Building, Berlin, Germany

Floor plans
About Artdepartment Berlin

Pall Mall Hostel is no area to sleep; instead it is a space for having fun.

Artdepartment Berlin in collaboration with Fleck Promotion and Geometry Global agencies created concept of the Pall Mall Hostel. They offered a new view at dimension for promotional activities of Pall Mall at different music festivals. As the container hostel should be delivered at the events, which took places throughout Germany, the construction was made in a manner to obtain the certification from the TÜV (English: Technical Inspection Association, German: Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) and to be a space for more than 500 festival visitors.

This is the biggest container building that fulfilled all the criteria of the TÜV permit procedure successfully. At the ground floor there is a reception, where the guests can be registered and can receive promotional give-aways. The Event Container Building offers the superior convenience, there is a lounge, double sided bar and visitors can use Wi-Fi. Also there is a backstage area, the place where the bands retreat, in the annex. The technical storage container is used for successful operating of the engineering systems of the Event Container Building.

The Pall Mall Club is situated in the first floor; it has professional light and sound systems and its own bar. Through the ample glass wall amazing view over festival ground is presented. “To see and to be seen” is the motto in this place. On the terrace there is a stage, which is constructed from container decks. Absolutely everything from different sides is seen from this centerpiece of the outdoor space. It is possible to build one more terrace on the second floor that will allow an unusual view over the Pall Mall stage and the whole festival grounds.

The hostel’s furniture, reception and bar are made of recycling building materials, because the hostel follows the recycling concept like most container constructions. Doors, windows and wood pallets are taken from old buildings. Among the main features there are the barrel furniture. Contemporary atmosphere is created by combination of the surfaces and high-end padding materials.

In August 2014 the Pall Mall Hostel was successfully presented at Rock‘nHeim Festival. The building has delightful view to the main stage both from the decks and the VIP lounge, where the organizers invite their guests.

The event container Booth Plus at new festival ground impressed the guests in Mendig in 2015. The party on three levels of Event Container Building lasted three days. For allowing the best view over the Volcano Stage and whole festival ground a rooftop terrace was created.

100 sq ft House - Off-Grid Shipping Container, Auckland, New Zealand

About Brenda Kelly

Design: Brenda Kelly
Area: 100 square feet (10 square meters)
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Brenda Kelly made her old dream come true, she was dreaming about tiny house since she was at age of 13. And she got it; Brenda lives in a 100 sq ft house - small and cozy off-grid shipping container home.

For following the regulations of local zoning in Auckland (New Zealand) concerning area, there is a covered outdoor porch space, which keeps the structure at 100 square feet (10 square meters).

Layout decision and design of the interior will amaze you from the first sight. There are kitchen, a bedroom with a wardrobe, spacious bathroom and even home office space though the limited square feet.

The concrete blocks were used for foundation of the 100 sq ft house. Also the container house is equipped with two solar panels and there is a rainwater collection system.

Huiini - 2 Bedroom Shipping Container House, Mexico

4 x 40 ft HC shipping container home

Floor plans and sections
About S+ diseño

ProjectHuiini Shipping Container House
ArchitectsS+ diseño
LocationLa Primavera, Zapopan, Jal., Mexico
Area148 sqm (1600 sqft)
Containers4 x 40 ft HC
PhotosMito Covarrubias

Huiini Container House in Mexico is situated in a quiet district of the city, Primavera forest. This place has its advantages; the home is connected with surrounding nature. The owner of this 2 bedroom shipping container house is retired single woman, but with great, creative and concrete ideas. So, the house is made as the perfect place for retreat. The idea of building the container house was arisen when the client wanted the home like "stacked boxes", as she does not live with curves or inclined ways.

The project consists from 4 high cube containers - two downstairs, two upstairs. For creating two terraces on each level there are offset. The internal area is 120 square meters.

The container house has two floors. The ground floor includes living room, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom with bathroom, tool room and terrace. The guest bedroom has walk-in closet and bathroom, studio, hall-gallery, terrace, double height living and dining room are upstairs. The openings in facades can be either closed or completely open if it is desirable.

The shipping containers have a lot of advantages. For instance, they have recycling structure; they can be constructed very fast. And if the location was changed the desing should not be changed, and it has modular advantages.

But containers also have the challenges such as temperature control (in such case the house was built with longer facades north-south).  The entire interior was lined with thermal acoustic insulation for protecting from cold and for keeping warmth. When the temperature changes the metal construction moves and it makes noise during the rain.

This 2 bedroom shipping container house has passive heating systems and the owner plans to buy solar cells.

LoHi Shipping Container House in Denver, Colorado

Floor plans

Area2,192 square feet (203 square meters)
LocationDenver, Colorado
Sold Price$679,000

The LoHi Shipping Container House is located in Denver. For building it seven shipping containers were used. Such containers you can find on cargo ship that transports the cars. The home doesn’t look inside like a pile of abandoned steel, it amazes with its luxurious interior. The shipping container house is an up-cycling’s result. Thanks to this process reclaimed materials get their new life in something more valuable. Look at the photos below.

20 ft Off-the-Grid Shipping Container Home, Cape Town, South Africa

20 ft Off-the-Grid Shipping Container Home, Cape Town, South Africa

About WolfPack

 WolfPack Rentals managed to develop a shipping container home that is completely off-the-grid through solar panels and sewage tanks.

They converted a 20ft shipping container into a living space with:
  • 15 decking that opens and closes on an automatic winch system
  • Bathroom with outdoor shower
  • Kitchen which includes: Fridge, inductive stove, sink, cupboard space
  • Bedroom with a double bed and under the bed lies the Battery.
  • Fully insulated through refrigerated panels 40mm
  • Bamboo composite decking on the deck as well as surrounding the unit for more insulation and decoration
  • Full plumbing, electrics and water supply
  • Automatic awning

Sustainable Container Home Design (Solar+Wind+Rainwater+Heat pump) by Sustainer Homes, Netherlands

About Sustainer Homes

Design: Sustainer Homes
Year: 2015
Location: Netherlands

Nowadays for house constructions which have no or little influence on the nature, old shipping containers are commonly used. Sustainer Homes improved this technology of container homes by creating self-managed houses that have water, electricity, gas and sewerage.

According to Sustainer Homes, such factors, as high rents and the necessity of having dwelling make young people to look for favorable, reasonable and accessible alternative. And such alternative is an independent, sustainable and comfortable container home, which provides with independence from facilities, eco-friendliness and freedom of mobility.

Such containers, or sustainers, can be used not only as homes, but as hotels or vacation homes and even as shelters for emergencies. The clients can choose size and design to their liking. For instance, there is available home at 30 square meters (323 square feet) for one or two persons for €75,000 (US$82,500). Other larger and houses for different climate, containers for families, office models and holiday homes are in development.

The container homes even produce drinking water, which satisfies Dutch standards, from the rainwater after collecting and filtering. Such houses are eco-friendly, because before returning to the ground the wastewater is filtered through a helophyte filter and that reduces the ground pollution.

The owners of container homes have no problems with electricity, as the containers are equipped with solar arrays and wind turbines, with the help of which a high level of energy security is afforded. Sustainer homes proofs that each container can produce about 5,000 kWh in a year, so the energy requirements are completely covered. A 20 kWh battery system ensures energy reliability.

A heat-pump provides the heating and for minimizing heat loss a sustainable insulation materials are used. The company has an idea to equip containers with the Toon smart thermostat. And as the improvement they want to develop the app that will show battery charge level, solar array energy production levels, energy usage and the weather forecast.

What is Shipping Container Architecture?

Nowadays in order to create something unique and creative an architects and designers often use shipping containers. This form of architecture is called the shipping container architecture or cargotecture. This architecture became popular, as the containers are wide available and strong material at a low price. Moreover, the container buildings are more environmentally friendly than traditional houses that made of bricks and cement.

The container homes have their advantages and disadvantages.

Containers are a perfect material for building. They are enough strong and durable, as the shipping containers can resist harsh environment and they are created for carrying heavy loads.

Another advantage of all shipping containers is modularity, because they have the same sizes. The architects can combine them and design the large and unique masterpieces. And the creation of additional construction is an easy task.

The construction expenses of the container house may be pretty high, as the specialized labor is needed. But these expenses are still lower than the building of traditional house.

The transportation is also an advantage of the container architecture. The container modules have standard shipping sizes and can be delivered by truck, rail or ship.

We can use the shipping containers all around the world. So, the availability is one more advantage of this ideal building material.

As for the expense, the containers have the lower price than other finished structures that are made of bricks. The containers can be bought from transport companies at a reasonable price, $1,200 each. And if you want to buy new brand they will cost you $6000.

In addition the main advantage of shipping containers is that they are eco-friendly.

In spite of all advantages, the shipping container architecture has its disadvantages. The containers heat very well, so they should have better isolation than wood, brick or block structures. There is a lack of flexibility, because to create spaces different to the default size is expensive and takes a lot of time. For the construction of container houses a crane is needed, so the construction site should be enough spacious. In some regions there is required some building permits for steel construction. The last disadvantage is that the roof is not very strong. It has the limit of 300 kg.

Today the structures made of shipping containers are widely used. And they have different usage, sizes, appearances and locations.

Shipping Containers Sizes, Dimensions, Volumes, Weights and Loads

20′ container 40′ container 40′ high-cube container 45′ high-cube container
imperial metric imperial metric imperial metric imperial metric

length 19′ 10.5″ 6.058 m 40′ 0″ 12.192 m 40′ 0″ 12.192 m 45′ 0″ 13.716 m
width 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m 8′ 0″ 2.438 m
height 8′ 6″ 2.591 m 8′ 6″ 2.591 m 9′ 6″ 2.896 m 9′ 6″ 2.896 m

length 19′ 3″ 5.867 m 39′ 5 4564 12.032 m 39′ 4″ 12.000 m 44′ 4″ 13.556 m
width 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m 7′ 7″ 2.311 m 7′ 8 1932 2.352 m
height 7′ 9 5764 2.385 m 7′ 9 5764 2.385 m 8′ 9″ 2.650 m 8′ 9 1516 2.698 m
door aperture width 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m 7′ 6" 2.280 m 7′ 8 ⅛″ 2.343 m
height 7′ 5 ¾″ 2.280 m 7′ 5 ¾″ 2.280 m 8′ 5″ 2.560 m 8′ 5 4964 2.585 m
internal volume 1,169 ft³ 33.1 m³ 2,385 ft³ 67.5 m³ 2,660 ft³ 75.3 m³ 3,040 ft³ 86.1 m³
gross weight
66,139 lb 30,400 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg 68,008 lb 30,848 kg 66,139 lb 30,400 kg
empty weight 4,850 lb 2,200 kg 8,380 lb 3,800 kg 8,598 lb 3,900 kg 10,580 lb 4,800 kg
net load 61,289 lb 28,200 kg 57,759 lb 26,600 kg 58,598 lb 26,580 kg 55,559 lb 25,600 kg