Pall Mall Hostel - Shipping Container Event Building, Berlin, Germany

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Pall Mall Hostel is no area to sleep; instead it is a space for having fun.

Artdepartment Berlin in collaboration with Fleck Promotion and Geometry Global agencies created concept of the Pall Mall Hostel. They offered a new view at dimension for promotional activities of Pall Mall at different music festivals. As the container hostel should be delivered at the events, which took places throughout Germany, the construction was made in a manner to obtain the certification from the TÜV (English: Technical Inspection Association, German: Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) and to be a space for more than 500 festival visitors.

This is the biggest container building that fulfilled all the criteria of the TÜV permit procedure successfully. At the ground floor there is a reception, where the guests can be registered and can receive promotional give-aways. The Event Container Building offers the superior convenience, there is a lounge, double sided bar and visitors can use Wi-Fi. Also there is a backstage area, the place where the bands retreat, in the annex. The technical storage container is used for successful operating of the engineering systems of the Event Container Building.

The Pall Mall Club is situated in the first floor; it has professional light and sound systems and its own bar. Through the ample glass wall amazing view over festival ground is presented. “To see and to be seen” is the motto in this place. On the terrace there is a stage, which is constructed from container decks. Absolutely everything from different sides is seen from this centerpiece of the outdoor space. It is possible to build one more terrace on the second floor that will allow an unusual view over the Pall Mall stage and the whole festival grounds.

The hostel’s furniture, reception and bar are made of recycling building materials, because the hostel follows the recycling concept like most container constructions. Doors, windows and wood pallets are taken from old buildings. Among the main features there are the barrel furniture. Contemporary atmosphere is created by combination of the surfaces and high-end padding materials.

In August 2014 the Pall Mall Hostel was successfully presented at Rock‘nHeim Festival. The building has delightful view to the main stage both from the decks and the VIP lounge, where the organizers invite their guests.

The event container Booth Plus at new festival ground impressed the guests in Mendig in 2015. The party on three levels of Event Container Building lasted three days. For allowing the best view over the Volcano Stage and whole festival ground a rooftop terrace was created.

Floor plans


About Artdepartment Berlin

Artdepartment Berlin GmbH develops and implements container architecture of various kinds under the brand name, TWOTIMESTWENTYFEET” (2x20ft).

A team of trained architects, structural engineers, engineers, and designers has advised customers from various industries in the implementation of unique projects for over 20 years.


Many years of experience with sea containers makes TWOTIMESTWENTYFEET an excellent partner for projects of any size, either locally or abroad.

Whether you need a garden shed or TÜV certified container architecture for an event or roadshow we always put together the right team to meet your needs.

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From consulting and material acquisition to construction, transport, assembly and disassembly, TWOTIMESTWENTYFEET provides everything you need for your project at one source.

Custom paint, adhesive graphics and interior design can also be designed by our multidisciplinary team.

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We are, of course, open to joint ventures and can offer relative services during the phases of concept development, approval planning, manufacturing, property management or storage.

Architects, designers, artists and pertinent agencies are very welcome as customers.

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Pall Mall Hostel - Shipping Container Event Building, Berlin, Germany