Modified 20' Shipping Container with Automatic Hydraulic Door

20 ft modified container


Area: 160 sq ft  (15 sq m)

Modified shipping container with automatic hydraulic door can be used for сafe/restaurant, exhibition container, shop or residential shipping container.

Hydraulic system for the side opening can be operated by one person with the push of a button. Roof balcony and staircase allow to use additional 160 sq ft  (15 sq m) roof area.

Stainless steel checkered floor has the features of high corrosion resistance and strength. It is hygienic and attractive for a wide range of applications.

The unit can be shipped around the globe, the items contained inside, secure and safe.

The cost of this 20 ft modified shipping container with automatic hydraulic door and stainless steel features, is $20 000.

3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home Design, Brazil

4x40ft containers home

Floor plan
About Danilo Corbas

ArchitectDanilo Corbas
Area196 sqm (2100 sqft)
Containers4x40 ft HC
LocationGranja Viana, Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil
PhotosPlínio Dondon

Residents, who live with comfort in the first Brazilian shipping container home, are the architect Danilo Corbas, his wife and, of course, his dogs and cats.

When visiting his in-laws, who lived on a catamaran in Salvador, the architect Danilo Corbas, founder of the Container Box, had his first insight into alternative homes, assembled with minimal spaces and not bricks and cement.

From then on came various references, such as the European experiences with containers and a conversation with the wife's father, who worked on oil rigs and often slept in such accommodation. The result: The house Danilo would do for him would be in a container, or rather four.

"I was in search of a change of lifestyle, I lived in São Paulo, in the agitation of Vila Madalena, and then I found this land in Granja Viana and only had to negotiate with my wife, who is art director and soon idea!", says the architect who chose to work with the contrast between the tranquility of the region and the industrial style of his new project - the first of its kind in Brazil.

In total, four 40-foot sea containers were used, each one being 12 m long and 2.90 m high. In total the 3 bedroom shipping container home occupies 196 m² of the 860 m² of land. There are two floors in which are distributed three bedrooms, living room, dining room with integrated kitchen, office, three bathrooms, laundry area, covered garage and balconies.

In addition to its innovative character, the project also has a sustainable appeal, since it uses obsolete containers, reusing a material that is difficult to dispose of and saving resources such as sand, brick, cement, water and iron - which consequently reduces the amount of rubble generated by work.

The container house still encourages, at least indirectly, the increase of the green area, since to plant trees around the house and to install a green roof, actions are almost necessary to ameliorate the heat conditions caused by the structure.

With this in mind, the project still takes special care with windows to ensure cross ventilation of the house and decrease the use of air conditioning.

Already when the subject is style and decoration, the 3 bedroom shipping container home asked for an industrial décor and it was not a problem.

According to Danilo, his only regret is not daring more, "today I think we could have used less coating and left more parts of the structure to show," says the architect who developed all the techniques for executing the project from scratch and today is a specialist in which has already finalized about 10 other projects of the type.

Description by the project team. 

The structure of the shipping container home consists of four 40-foot High Cube containers (12 m x 2.90 m high)

Located in a land of 860 m2, in a residential condominium in Granja Viana, in Cotia (SP), the shipping container house has 196 m2 of constructed area, distributed in two floors. There are 3 bedroom, living room, dining room and integrated gourmet kitchen, office, three bathrooms, laundry area, covered garage and balconies.

Several ecologically correct resources are foreseen in the project and should generate a significant saving of natural resources and electric energy:

  • Reuse of materials for house structure: disused maritime containers. Besides using discarded noble material, the use of container generates savings of natural resources that were not used for the structure of the house, such as sand, brick, cement, water, iron etc. This means a cleaner work, with reduction of debris and other materials.
  • Economy in the foundation and reduction in the use of materials. The light weight of the metal structure allowed the use of light foundation, small and shallow.
  • Preservation of trees on the ground and landscape design to help shade the building and minimize excessive heat.
  • Reuse of rainwater. It will be captured by the roof, stored and filtered in its own reservoir, for use in garden irrigation, external cleaning, car washing and washing machine.
  • Cross ventilation. Windows and openings will be used to avoid the use of air conditioning, one of the major consumers of electricity.
  • Green roof. Part of the cover will have vegetation to aid in the thermal insulation of the container.
  • Polyurethane sandwich panels, for better thermal performance of the house; in white color to reflect the solar rays and contribute to the temperature decrease of the local microclimate.
  • Energy efficiency: use of lighting in LEDs.
  • Avoiding waste. Metals manufactured by Roca with flow limiters and water temperature, which prevents waste by up to 50%.
  • Use of PET insulation, thermal insulation made from PET bottles, from Trisoft, which received the "Planeta Casa 2010" award in the building materials category.
  • Eco-friendly paint: water-based paint, unscented, manufactured by Sherwin-Williams, with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Lindendale Luxury Shipping Container Home, NSW, Australia

Floor Plans
About Container Build Group

Designer and builderContainer Build Group
LocationLindendale, NSW, Australia
Containers14x20 ft
Building Time10 weeks
Installation Time5 hours

Description from builders.

It’s not just money that builds a great house. Sometimes, what it takes is a bit of money and a ton of creativity and innovation.

Shipping container homes have been called “living in a box.” And although they are literally metal boxes, they are far from looking and feeling like one if you are creative and innovative enough.

The latest project of CBG, The Lindendale, exemplifies such creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to shipping container home building.

The Lindendale is a luxury shipping container home that has been inspired and designed by a local client. Configured with 14 X 20 FT shipping containers, it has top end fittings and finishes to contrast the bold look of the containers.

That’s the beauty of working with shipping containers. You can group each container to create a yet bigger space; a size that will suit your needs.

Our clients for The Lindendale project were very particular with what they wanted, not just in terms of size but on how it should look like. They wanted a home that exudes an industrial look and feel. This is exactly what you will see throughout the interior of the house.

But shipping container homes are not confined to just one look. You can turn it into any style you want. You can make it look trendy, simple, luxurious, modern, sleek. There is really no limit to what you can do with customized container homes.

At CBG, we pride ourselves in pushing boundaries on what is possible with container construction.  Full-custom options and complete service from design to fabrication to installation are available for our clients.

We can assure you that we can complete and deliver your dream home according to your specifications.

The speed of completion is another aspect where container homes easily beat traditional home building. To give you an idea, the total time frame to complete this home from start to finish took less than 10 weeks.

The containers were all completed in our factory, delivered to the site and installed within five hours.

Beautiful Two Shipping Container Home in Montana

2x40 ft off-grid container home

About Ty Kelly

Architect Ty Kelly
Location Montana
Containers 2x40ft
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Price (2017) $125,000
Year 2013
Area 720 sqft

Wanting to disconnect from the stresses of a hyper connected life in Seattle, architect and builder Ty Kelly built a beautiful two shipping container home that allowed him to live off grid in style in Montana. The modern structure, which was sold in 2017 for $125,000, is made out of two shipping containers, renovated into a lovely 720 square foot container home built with reclaimed materials as well as some seriously cool handmade finishings done by the architect himself.

Unique modern two shipping container home has one bedroom and one bathroom, featuring clean, contemporary style with floor to ceiling glass.

Features include wood burning stove, IKEA kitchen and bathroom cabinets, hand made butcher block counters, mosaic tile walk-in shower, cedar plank siding, Corbond spray-foam insulation, electric in-wall heaters, contemporary fixtures/appliances/faucets, reclaimed wood throughout and recessed overhead lighting.

The container house feels much larger than it actually is, in part because of it's open layout, as well as the all-glass wall which brings the outdoors in.  Another admiral quality is the use of reclaimed and recycled material. Not only the containers themselves, but many of the interior finishes were salvaged from other places, such as the butcher block countertops, redwood flooring and wood wall panels.