Sustainable Container Home Design (Solar+Wind+Rainwater+Heat pump) by Sustainer Homes, Netherlands

About Sustainer Homes

Design: Sustainer Homes
Year: 2015
Location: Netherlands

Nowadays for house constructions which have no or little influence on the nature, old shipping containers are commonly used. Sustainer Homes improved this technology of container homes by creating self-managed houses that have water, electricity, gas and sewerage.

According to Sustainer Homes, such factors, as high rents and the necessity of having dwelling make young people to look for favorable, reasonable and accessible alternative. And such alternative is an independent, sustainable and comfortable container home, which provides with independence from facilities, eco-friendliness and freedom of mobility.

Such containers, or sustainers, can be used not only as homes, but as hotels or vacation homes and even as shelters for emergencies. The clients can choose size and design to their liking. For instance, there is available home at 30 square meters (323 square feet) for one or two persons for €75,000 (US$82,500). Other larger and houses for different climate, containers for families, office models and holiday homes are in development.

The container homes even produce drinking water, which satisfies Dutch standards, from the rainwater after collecting and filtering. Such houses are eco-friendly, because before returning to the ground the wastewater is filtered through a helophyte filter and that reduces the ground pollution.

The owners of container homes have no problems with electricity, as the containers are equipped with solar arrays and wind turbines, with the help of which a high level of energy security is afforded. Sustainer homes proofs that each container can produce about 5,000 kWh in a year, so the energy requirements are completely covered. A 20 kWh battery system ensures energy reliability.

A heat-pump provides the heating and for minimizing heat loss a sustainable insulation materials are used. The company has an idea to equip containers with the Toon smart thermostat. And as the improvement they want to develop the app that will show battery charge level, solar array energy production levels, energy usage and the weather forecast.

About Sustainer Homes

Buildings are responsible for one third of global CO2 emissions. To reduce this, we will have to build radically more sustainable. Based on our modular building system, we design and build homes and workspaces that save at least 90% CO2. We do this with 3 principles.

Our designs are not only sustainable by design, but we also take your wishes and situation into account. We believe that for everyone who wants to build a house, a suitable, sustainable design is possible.

Solar panels, heat pump and, above all, smart use of materials ensure that we build with 90% less CO2 emissions. Sustainable from start to finish and beyond.

With our unique, modular and automated system, dozens of homes have already been built together with our experienced contractors.

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Sustainable Container Home Design (Solar+Wind+Rainwater+Heat pump) by Sustainer Homes, Netherlands