PV14 - 2 Story 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, Dallas, Texas

Floor plans, facades and sections
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ArchitectM Gooden Design
Structural engineer AG&E Structural Engenuity
Area3700 sf
LocationDallas, Texas, USA
PhotographyWade Griffith, Kurt Griesbach

This 3 bedroom shipping container home is located not far from White Rock Park, at the same street, and it is one of the highest elevations in Dallas, Texas, and it is about 100’ above White Rock Lake’s surface. The lake is just about 1,000 feet away to the southwest.

To create a unique design and to build a modern and unequalled house were the main purposes for the architects. The residence should be appropriate to the specific site and the technologies for house’s erection should be readily available, but at the same time not very often used in nowadays residence building. The house is a two-story single family residence which includes small penthouse with roof deck access. There are 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms, ground level entertainment area, 2 car garage + storage bay, porte cochere, large roof deck with panoramic view and elevated covered porches adjacent to main living areas.

The majestic scenery of the lake, the trees all around it and the City can be seen from the 2 story shipping container home. And that is the main advantage of house’s high location and its axis is aligned with the City street grid to the Southwest.

The goal of elevation of living areas is to create more comfortable conditions for living, the designers wanted to separate the 3 bedroom shipping container home from the street traffic activity near the house and to make the views better.

The using of overhangs and porches is perfect decision for protecting windows from direct sunlight. And this clever solution helps also to capture the natural light, so it reduces energy bills. And nothing interrupts the picturesque scenery.

For reducing energy costs and extending the life of the roof the architects equipped the 3 bedroom shipping container home’s roof deck with a solar screen, applied to the insulated single-ply membrane.

The residence was built from concrete, steel structures, prefab steel modules - 40ft shipping containers, masonry and glass. All of these elements are combined and create really unique and comfortable design.

Description by chron

When homeowners near the east side of White Rock Lake in Dallas saw a fleet of shipping containers heading into their neighborhood, they immediately followed the 18-wheelers to see what was going on. To their surprise, these large steel boxes came together to create a unique, efficient home with one of the best views in the city.

Matt Mooney, an architect and a managing principal at the architecture firm Corgan, created the house that he'd imagined building 25 years ago, long before shipping container structures became a trendy design concept.

Mooney and his wife, Barbara, took these industrial materials and repurposed them into a 3,700-square-foot contemporary home that brings in the surrounding nature views.

Composed of 14 shipping containers, the three-bedroom, 3,700-square-foot house features deep balconies that let in natural light without exposing the home's interior to direct sunlight. Portions of the containers show through thanks to exposed corrugated ceilings and container gates that have been converted into sliding doors.

On the ground level, polished cement floors enhance the structure's industrial aesthetic, and doorway frames create distinct spaces in the open-floor layout. Colorful accent walls contrast with the grey cement and help to brighten up the space.

Upstairs, sleek maple floors and walls of floor-to-ceiling windows draw attention to the beautiful nature views.

Outside, a 1,400-square-foot roof deck offers a view of the lake and the Dallas skyline beyond. On the ground floor, a 40-foot-long swimming pool aligns with the house's tallest wall, creating a striking visual effect.

The shipping container home was on display for a tour organized by the Dallas chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 2015.

While that tour has come and gone, you can take a tour of the newly completed structure in the slides above.

Description by dmagazine

Situated near the corner of Peavy Rd. and Buckner Blvd., across from a small park that overlooks White Rock Lake, lies an unusual sight for Dallas. New shipping container home construction is going up, and it doesn’t take a seasoned architect to realize that this home is different than the others on the block (or even in this Dallas neighborhood). After all, the house is made out of shipping containers.

The collaborative brainchild of architects Matt Mooney and Michael Gooden, the “PV14” house broke ground 18 months ago. The name is a play on the address (422 Peavy Rd.) and the 14 shipping containers it took to build the structure. Although the home is still in the building phase, Michael Gooden agreed to give D Home a tour, and I’m taking you along for the virtual ride.

The first thing you notice when entering the PV14 house is the materials the interior is finished out in, a style Gooden calls “utilitarian-modern.” Think CMU (concrete masonry unit) blocks for walls, steer rebar for stairwell railings, and concrete floor.

The entire first floor of the shipping container home has been dedicated to entertaining and has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the pool, a large space for an entertainment center, fire place, and an abbreviated kitchen. And while this space is beautiful, it’s the second and third floors that are the true stunners.

The second floor, which is made of shipping containers, is built for living—each of the corners features a bedroom or den with a corresponding balcony. There is also a smaller entertaining area, and a kitchen, which Gooden described as “the command center—it’s almost like this is where you pilot the space ship that is this house.”

While the design looks like many other contemporary homes (floor to ceiling windows, minimalist fixtures) there are a few important details that make this space unique: specifically the ceiling and bedroom doors. The architects opted to leave the ceilings exposed and repurposed the shipping container doors as bedroom doors. “We left the ceilings exposed on the second floor so that you would know what you’re standing in,” Gooden says. “Since all of the walls are made of sheet rock, it would look like a normal house if we didn’t.”

When it came to procuring shipping containers, and building with them, Gooden had to do a quite a bit of research before this shipping container project in Dallas began. “I got to know the shipping container industry much more than I ever wanted to,” Gooden says. “We first had to figure out where to get them from, then how all the containers would fit together. When you remove the walls from the containers, it takes away the structural integrity, which makes building with them very tricky.” Their solution was to place columns around the house to help with the burden of the weight.

The third floor, which Gooden calls “the star of the show,” is also dedicated to entertaining. A small entryway gives way to two outdoor decks which offer viewers a 360° view of White Rock Lake and Dallas downtown and are designed to hold up to 150 people.

At 3,700 square feet total, the PV14 has a lot to be admired. “I know that shipping container homes are very trendy right now, but when we started designing the home, we wanted it to be an art piece,” Gooden says. “People view this street as a gateway to Old Lake Highlands. This is the first thing you see when you come down Peavy, and luckily the community response has been amazing.”

Floor plans, facades and sections


  • Single Family Residence
  • Approximately 3,700 SF
  • Two-Story plus small penthouse (roof deck access)
  • 3 Bedroom + Den, 3.5 Bathrooms
  • 2 Car Garage + Storage Bay
  • Ground Level Entertainment Area
  • Porte Cochere
  • Elevated covered porches adjacent to main living areas
  • Large Roof Deck with panoramic view


  • A primary goal for this house was to design & build a modern residence that has a unique character, responds to its specific location/orientation and employs the construction technologies that are readily available, but not often used in current residential construction.
  • With the site both highly elevated, and with its long axis aligned directly with the City street grid to the Southwest, the house was oriented to take advantage of the outstanding views across the lake, over the trees and to the City.
  • Primary living areas were elevated to take advantage of the views and to separate them from the street traffic activity below.
  • Extensive use of overhangs and porches shield windows from direct sunlight, (reducing energy costs) while still capturing natural light and not obstructing the beautiful views.
  • The roof deck above serves as a solar screen to the insulated single-ply membrane roof below, which reduces energy costs and extends the life of the roof itself.
  • The house is intended to express those things from which it is built, with concrete floors, exposed steel structure, pre-manufactured steel modules, masonry and glass as primary elements.

Construction process


  • Concrete pier & beam foundation
  • Ground level polished concrete floors
  • Structural Steel primary superstructure (columns & beams) with supplemental Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) beams at roof deck level
  • Pre-manufactured Steel Modules are a part of the primary structural system
  • 2x6 perimeter stud wall framing with a combination of closed and open cell spray-on insulation
  • Stack bonded CMU masonry veneer at ground level with a modular brick masonry veneer tower
  • Double insulated, high performance glazing systems (aided in their performance by substantial roof and porch overhangs to shade the glazing from direct sunlight for the majority of the day throughout all seasons)
  • High performance Heating and Air-conditioning systems
  • Low water consumption plumbing fixtures


Address 422 Peavy Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, USA

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