Shipping Container Bar, Austin, Texas

About North Arrow Studio

Design: North Arrow Studio, Hendley | Knowles Design Studio
Area: 2115 sq ft
Containers: 7
Year: 2014
Location: Austin, Texas

In the United States, many marine containers that bring goods from other countries are simply not reused - as the cost of sending them back empty does not pay - and end up accumulating in warehouses until they are transformed back into steel. In order to avoid wasting these structures that are already ready, the architects of the North Arrow Studio office and businesswoman Bridget Dunlap, from Austin, Texas, decided to build a bar composed basically of stacked containers.

“Shipping containers are efficient constructions by nature. The steel walls have a structural function, as does the base. Basically, they are large structural frames, designed to support weight and be stacked. There is nothing more natural than turning them into building modules ”, says the architect responsible for the project, Francisco Arredondo. And so the Container Bar was born, opened in March 2014 in Austin, Texas.

The project, simple and direct, was designed to promote enjoyment: “Imagine being in the middle of a warehouse full of containers, and suddenly discovering a hidden bar. It's fun. And that is the feeling we want to convey to people, ” says Arredondo. For this reason, the building has an internal double-height courtyard, surrounded by seven steel modules. Some of them are stacked to form two floors.

The metallic cover is floating, it is supported only with the pillars that delimit the area of ​​the bar, of 644 m². Two large decks, one on the ground floor and the other on the upper floor, are spaces to circulate and form conversation circles. In addition, the interiors of the containers reveal more surprises: different coatings were used on the walls, thus creating environments with very different feelings. There is a space covered with mosaic tiles, there is another where you can see wooden panels with carved letters.

The other spaces have wooden boards on the walls, and colorful murals painted by artist Michelle Marchessault. So that customers are even more comfortable, and enjoy the delicious drinks offered by the bar, cozy sofas and armchairs are spread throughout all areas. And, next to the windows of the containers, wooden benches allow people to sit there and enjoy the view, in an atmosphere of total relaxation.

About North Arrow Studio

The world we live in is the one we create.

North Arrow Studio’s work is refined, crafted with pride, and deceptively uncomplicated. Our spaces are beautiful and practical, and they reveal themselves slowly. Our work does not cry for attention, but instead speaks softly through a design language that strikes a balance between the familiar and what is new. We strive to find harmony and connectivity between the interior and exterior of the building and its environment.

We are influenced by the traditions of modern design, but our work always begins with an analysis of the unique characteristics of the site and the needs of our clients. We work with clients on all types of designs and budgets. Our success relies on our belief that effective design work is achieved through collaboration, respect and hard work.

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