Spectris Innovation Center Shipping Container Office

About Studium

Project: Spectris Innovation Center
Architects: Studium
Area: 659 m²
Location: Moreira, Portugal
Photographs: Ivo Tavares Studio,
Suppliers: Knauf, Roca, Sika, Archicad, CIN, CINCA Arquitetos, Cinca, DELABIE, Efapel, Forbo Flooring Systems, GUIALMI, Investwood, JNF, LUMITEK, MICROCRETE, Pedrali, Technal, Tromilux
Architect In Charge: Sérgio Miguel Magalhães
Project Team: Hugo Martins, Miguel Barbosa
Clients: Detailsmind, HBM Fibersensing and HBK Porto
Consultants: Silêncio
Collaborators: Catarina Rodrigues and Tiago Nogueira

The design of the facilities of the Spectris Oporto Innovation Center was presented as a self-inflicted exercise. The lack of referential context, caused by the decision to expand one of the bodies of the existing building to a completely inert attached storage space, was the starting point to study its occupation and the exterior building, as well as for design and dynamics functional between the multiple contact spaces of both sites.

The privileged location next to the Porto airport, the metro and the roads helped in the decision to occupy the neighboring building. The set of about 650 square meters is characterized by its configuration in a warehouse of regular rectangular volume, with its longitudinal axis oriented northeast-southwest and with a central nave. The division is vertical and takes place on 2 floors in the area of ​​the old offices (to the north) and an access to a patio with about 500 square meters (to the south).

The entrance is the first functional unit that defines the symbiosis between the past and the innovation requested to the present. This is the premise on which the creative concept for the project is supported, through an ambitious program for the creation and distribution of around 60 jobs in open spaces, in a fusion between meeting areas, teamwork areas, individual spaces, the expected decompression and free time. The central open space thus articulates the community in spaces to meet and be with spaces for teamwork in a convergence of uses, functions and unequivocal scales for both residents and visitors.

The meeting spaces accompany this scale in proportion and especially in the occupation of the existing space: starting from the auditorium as a generating element of different spaces (in and of themselves, their own and even in excess) that are combined with the shipping containers of confinement and structuring (access control agents and upper floor boundary) and as a structural element for the growth of the team on the upper floor supported by these preliminary support points. The scale also follows the standard definition of the spectrum of use with micro touch points where we can, individually or in groups, expand the primary performance space.

Peak performance involves rest, recovery, and sometimes escape. The placement of the canopy in the street space proposes exactly that moment of meditation and contemplation, whether by the presence of the collective or the individual, the outer space is appropriate and in which we can breathe freely. The connection to the gym and games room justifies the sustainable attitude of comfort and well-being in modern shipping container office spaces, in addition to the individual conditions of each individual workstation.

As the unifying element of the entire space, the original system + system that itself defines areas, functions and moods.


About Studium

studium is the creative studio focused on interpolation of areas such as architecture, communication design and product. Based in Porto, it is a space with a strong creative and authorial component. It is home for Sérgio Miguel Magalhães, one of the most prominent minds of our time, with multiple and original projects in architecture, graphic design, web design, product design, photography and literature. Sérgio is also an avid structuralist, constantly evolving his unifying and specific form of creative content creation which he calls the Methodological System.

studium results of a selection and ambition of a professional multidisciplinary and complementar team that dedicates itself to the development of projects focused an assertive blend of rigorous vision, passion and oddity mojo. Architects and designers aligned by a methodology and disciplined practice, highly competent in an environment characterized by its constant criticism of traditional models of design.

studium generated the basis for two complementary projects, intrinsically linked to the interpolated vision of the creative practice :

AMMP – brand and management agency
PTMade – production house

These two studium arms are specialized development vehicles related to the criticism of each project and the content creation ecosystem. This way we provide a complete notion of communication and creative production systems. A complete process, an ecosystem that unifies strategy, criticism and result.

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Phone+351 22 319 7010

Spectris Innovation Center Shipping Container Office