2x20 ft Shipping Container House with Roof Deck, Brazil

About Mégui Dal Bó Arquiteta
About Saymon Dall Alba Arquiteto

Architects: Mégui Dal Bó Arquiteta, Saymon Dall Alba Arquiteto
Area: 34 m²
Containers: 2x20 ft
Location: Cambará do Sul, Brazil
Photographs: Guilherme Jordani
Suppliers: Adobe, AutoDesk, CasaSerra, Giacomet, Lizt Decor, Persol, Trimble
Lead Architect: Saymon Dall Alba
Responsible Architects: Architect Urb. Mégui Pezzi Dal Bó
Project Team: Arch. Urb. Saymon Rech Dall Alba, Arch. Urb. Mégui Pezzi Dal Bó, Arch. Urb. Bárbara Fernandes Dall Alba, Arch. Urb. David Thomas Simpson, Arch. Urb. Angélica Ravizzoni Veronese, Amanda Marcolin (academic architecture)

The architectural project of the 2x20 ft  shipping container house with roof deck is based on the conception of an industrialized modular construction, with two monolithic volumes, each of the two shipping containers with 20 feet joined in parallel, with a total of 34m² of area in each set. Starting from the concept of Tiny House, within the culture that combines detachment, sustainability, less generation of waste and curb exacerbated consumerism, the containers follow the idea of ​​mini homes, where guest has all the comforts and technology in a small space.

In the conception of this project, considering the use of ecological materials, saving natural resources, reducing construction time and preserving the natural profile of the land, it was decided to use shipping containers as the main element of the project. Additionally, reducing construction resources like water, sand, gravel, cement, brick, and iron means saving natural resources, leaving the construction site clean, and not generating waste. Considerable savings were made in the cost of the foundations and their impact on the terrain profile, since the lightweight metal frame allowed the use of small, insulated shoes without the need for reinforcement.

Compact kitchen with refrigerator, stovetop, electric oven, coffee maker, and other appliances alongside natural wood dining table with locksmith legs, is integrated into living room. Thinking about the cold of the city, the wood-burning fireplace creates an atmosphere of warmth. In addition, air conditioning and a gas heater increase the comfort.

The premises of the shipping container house with roof deck were the conception of a refuge where guests could enjoy the best view of the nearby landscape, so that large openings in strategic places create frames in the landscape. The large glazed space opens onto the porch, a breakthrough in the structure created with the doors of the original container and a precast concrete deck. These windows received horizontal blinds, which work as brises by regulating the entry of natural light. Artificial lighting was developed through metal cable trays with LED spotlights and lamps, creating stage effects and highlighting rustic brick wallpaper and natural wood carvings on the walls.

As the roof of the containers was evident, a layer of expanded polyurethane was applied on top, to waterproof and guarantee thermal and acoustic comfort. It also received a 10 cm concrete layer and finally synthetic grass, thus creating a terrace that can be accessed by a sailor's ladder. The main access is indented and is made through the door of the original container. The project was developed for Airbnb, and with aware of the constant changes in places of interest and tourism, the shipping container house with roof deck can be quickly moved to another place.


About Mégui Dal Bó Arquiteta

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Architect graduated in 2014 from the University of Caxias do Sul (UCS) and with a period of studies carried out at Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura in Sevilla, Spain, he specializes in commercial architecture, with projects for cafeterias, offices, dental clinics, therapeutic centers, inn and advertising agencies.

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2x20 ft Shipping Container House with Roof Deck, Brazil