Shipping Container Houses in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

About Re Arquitectura and DAO architecture and design

Project: Contenedores Franceschi
Architects: DAO, Re Arquitectura
Area: 210 m²
Year: 2017
Location: Santa Ana, Costa Rica
Photographs: Adam Baker, Carolina Bello + Pablo Franceschi., Pablo Franceschi
Suppliers: METALCO, Pinturas Sur, Thermosolutions
Structural Engineer: CDS Ingeniería, Ing. Andrés Reyes, Ing. Eduardo González
Electrical Engineer: Ing. Max Ruiz Arrieta
Collaborating Architect: Arch. Andrea Sopronyi
Steel Structures: Chang y Ugarte Precision Workshop

As is natural, families grow, segregate but stay together, blood is a very strong bond. Contenedores Franceschi is a project born from the heart of a family that loves nature and is concerned about the environment. Following this natural cycle of growing, they see the need to increase the space in which they live so that everyone has their independence. and privacy but still stay together.

This is why they decide to build three apartments, one for each of the children in the property where they built their house about 20 years ago, a land adjacent to the Uruca River canyon, in Santa Ana, west of San José, Costa Rica.

The premise was to create 3 independent units, with low impact to the environment, which would respect the privacy of the existing house, adapting to the available budget.

Based on these parameters, we created three apartments built from 40-foot "high cube" cargo containers, which had already completed their useful life of transportation, and were strategically located to achieve cross ventilation and natural light in all rooms. The first level comprises the social area is projected towards the rear patio by means of a deck, the second level orients the internal space towards the south taking advantage of the spectacular view of the hills and the river canyon, seeking the most favorable position with regarding the physical-environmental conditions of the site to ensure the comfort of the inhabitants and make the most of the space on the site, maintaining a compact intervention footprint.

Good resource management was key in this project, taking full advantage of all locally available materials, respecting their nature and modulation, in order to generate the least amount of waste possible. On the other hand, materials with low environmental impact, plantation woods, solar heaters and passive air conditioning strategies were used to avoid the use of air conditioning.

Being units with reduced space, the design is conceptualized and personalized with details such as mobile furniture in social areas and double-function walls in service areas and rooms. In this way flexible and versatile spaces are achieved, adaptable to the different stages and events of life.

The waste generated by materials such as wood and metal were used in the manufacture of furniture, lamps and doors, the small parts of the container were reused in objects such as handrails, door handles, litter bins, planters and draperies, which gives it a strong character to the project.


About Re Arquitectura and DAO architecture and design

RE ARCHITECTURE has as its premise to create a work team for each project including mainly the client or future user, we try to translate their idea by adding all our experience and knowledge in favor of a new and stimulating architecture, we are always open to working collaboratively with others colleagues, builders, contractors and professionals from other branches to enrich the final result.

Architect Francisco Vásquez May

CFIA A-20965

2009 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Costa Rica.
2008 Design of Public Space and its Components. School of architecture, UCR. by Arch. Jordi Henrich, University of Barcelona.
2006 1st Seminar How to Design and Build Bamboo Architecture "Guadua", Veritas University.
2005 The Humanization of Urban Space Seminar, by Professor M.A.A. Dr. Litt. Jan Gehl from the School of Architecture of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Professional exercise:

RE architecture and design. San José, Costa Rica 2009 / present.
JSARQ. San José, Costa Rica 2011 / present
JRA. San José, Costa Rica 2009/2011
Micropolis, architectural-urban consultants. Dec 2007

Exhibitions and artistic interventions:

• Exhibitor 1st Meeting of Public Art: Dissidence in Public Space, School of Plastic Arts, UCR, 2014
• Lobby Exhibitor of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MADC), November ‐ December 2012.
• Urban Sound Landscape Intervention, FIA (International Festival of Arts), Parque la Sabana, San José. 2012.
• Collective Exhibition 9/4, Curatorship, Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, 2011.
• Artificial Fauna Urban Intervention, Transitarte Festival, National Park, MSJ, San José. 2011.

Contests and samples.

• Biennial Grand Prize and National Biennial Prize 2018. Built architectural design category. XIV International Architecture Biennale 2018
• II Furniture Biennial "A seat for the XXI century" Costa Rica: Exhibition of seats built from recovered materials. VERITAS, 2010.
• 1st Place sustainable and ecological design contest in the Camaronal Reserve. Presentation at the School of Landscape Architecture at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry at New York State University (SUNY-ESF), 2009.
• Arquitectum Competition, London 2008, Design of an adaptable gallery across the River Thames, sponsored by the Architectural Association of London.
• X International Architecture Biennial, San José, Costa Rica, Participation in the category of urban design and research. Urban Park of the Children's Museum. Proposal for Urban Regeneration and Recovery of Public Space, Paso de la Vaca, San José. 2010.

Arch. Rebeca Chang Ugarte

CFIA A-25974

2013 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Costa Rica.
2017 Project Administration of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.
2014 CFIA Incorporation Federated College of Engineers and Architects.
2014 Basic Garden Design Course, ITARTAR Ecological Park
2013 Course of Vertical Gardens and Ecological Gardening. CECROPIA. 2010 Participation in the III Meeting of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Central America.
2009 Participation in the Latin American Conference of Schools and Faculties of Architecture, Argentina.

Professional exercise:

DAO architecture and design. San José, Costa Rica 2014 / present.
Ministry of Culture San José, Costa Rica 2014. Design, Planning and execution. FIA International Festival of Arts 2014 sector Sabana
RE architecture and design. San José, Costa Rica 2015 / present.
SAGA Ingeniería S.A. San José, Costa Rica 2011/2017.

Contests and samples

Winner of the Biennial Grand Prize and National Biennial Prize 2018. Built architectural design category. XIV International Architecture Biennale 2018
Winner of the Comex Color Award, VII International Student Biennial of Architecture 2014, Student Architectural Design Category, Project: School for Super Heroes, July 2013
Publication of Habitar Magazine: Architecture and Construction magazine in Costa Rica, Project: School for Super Heroes, edition 83, Pages 78-81 February 2014.

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Shipping Container Houses in Santa Ana, Costa Rica