Industrial Style Shipping Container House/Garage/Gallery

Industrial style, works of art and collections on display fill the environments with personality

About SuperLimao Studio

DesignSuperLimao Studio, Gabriela Coelho
Area1800 m²
LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
PhotosMaíra Acayaba
LandscapingTeco Landscaping
MEPGuimaro e Associados
Hydraulic EngineeringProasp
Structural EngineeringStec Engenharia
Metal Structure ConstructionSkylight
CoordinationFabio Carone
Construction companySigla Construtora

The project consists of a large gallery to accommodate the items of a collector of cars and arts, where the space itself is configured as an object of its collection. The industrial style shipping container house includes a garage for cars, exhibition galleries for the most diverse collections, family office, atelier / workshop, gym and kennel. Developed by SuperLimão in partnership with architect Gabriela Coelho, it has as its starting point an industrial architecture, designed in modules of maritime containers and metallic structures.

An important feature that differentiates the project from what we are used to see in shipping containers is that it is fully adapted to Brazilian climate, using passive techniques as much as possible to maximize energy efficiency, and taking advantage of the reuse of materials, such as shipping containers themselves . All environments have windows at three different heights, which allow not only cross ventilation, but also optimize convection on days without wind. The external walls received ceramic paint, which together with the green roof, create a great thermal inertia that keeps the indoor environment pleasant even without the use of conditioning equipment. All areas have natural lighting, either through windows or skylights.

The implantation, based on the project, accommodates connections and fields of vision on different levels, since intermediate gardens connect the 3 main floors: street level, ground floor and garden slab. The ground floor layout consists of ten interlaced containers forming a central axis. The roofs were reinforced to receive gardens in such a way that, looked at in plan, the project mimics the surroundings and looks like a large square. However, in reality, the containers, as well as adjacent slabs, were arranged at different levels, and windows allow the view between these areas, which is when the floor becomes a roof and vice versa creating a spatial experience worthy of Escher's engravings.

The main connection of the shipping containers creates a large central circulation axis that was treated as a gallery. In the internal walls, a metal grid was developed, which can receive wooden panels or expanded plate, creating great flexibility in the way of exhibiting the collections. The Corten steel sheet walls, as well as the original floor of the containers have been restored and left in plain sight. The workshop was covered with OSB sheets that allow the fixing of tools and machinery.

The office is formed by four containers and between them there is a free area directly connected to the garage, where it is possible through a car lift to expose one of the models bringing the collection for the day. The garage is a large gap, supported by only two pillars which optimizes the exposure of the cars. In the center, a rotator assists in day-to-day maneuvers, allowing easy access to the cars, facilitating use and maintenance.

The concrete curtains were left on display, as well as the reinforced metal structure and infrastructure of the facilities. The entrance is closed by a sliding gate with perforated screen and the bottom is open and has a slope completely covered with plants, which allows good natural lighting and ventilation, even when it is semi-buried. The external floor is completely permeable, and was made with monolithic drainage material that does not use expansion joints. The industrial style shipping container house has rainwater reuse as well as a large capacity cistern. The water tank, which is a tank container placed in an upright position.

The landscaping was created with different biomes in mind, so that in the lower levels we have a more dense and tropical vegetation and in the coverage that has a high incidence of sun, the vegetation is more arid and helps the microclimate.

The luminotechnical project prioritized expographic alternatives, in order to enhance the exposed pieces and at the same time create great flexibility.


About SuperLimao Studio

We believe that architecture is to allow the realization of inspiring everyday human experiences. In body, mind and soul, people inhabit all types of construction in continuous transit, writing stories and meanings.

Create, through innovative processes, conceptions of spaces that question existing models, surpassing them, expanding their successes, to deliver to the client the perfect / ideal architectural space for carrying out complete experiences of their life stories.

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Industrial Style Shipping Container House/Garage/Gallery