Bard Media Lab Shipping Container Classroom, New York

Drawings, floor plans and section
About MB Architecture

Architects: MB Architecture
Area: 960 ft²
Containers: 4
Location: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, United States
Year: 2017
Photographs: Matthew Carbone
Suppliers: Edge, Lightolier, Marvin, Renlita USA, Vessel
Architect In Charge: Maziar Behrooz
Manufacturers: SnapSpace Solutions
Faculty Representative: Jeff Katz

The Laboratory of the Experimental Humanities Department of Bard College is made up of 4 recycled shipping containers. They were installed in the heart of the campus, near a Frank Gehry concert hall, and were completely finished to work in a couple of weeks. Its double height and width produce a main space of 4.57 meters wide by 5.18 meters high, with an office on the second floor, totaling an area of ​​89.18 square meters.

The project grew out of a $ 100,000 grant and was prefabricated, delivered, and installed in half a day at a cost slightly above $ 200,000. As a prototype, it offers schools and universities an affordable solution to their urgent needs for classroom space.

The budget required us to explore options beyond conventional construction, so we leveraged some of our previous containerized explorations and projects and offered a fully prefab building that needs no more on-site work than the pouring of concrete foundation.

The laboratory will be used by various departments of the faculty; therefore, flexibility was a necessity. By adding a large revolving garage door that opens to a courtyard, the 5.18-meter-high main hall will become a stage for performances, shows, and theater events, ensuring a productive relationship between the building and the campus in general.

Our office has strived to balance project delivery with stronger budgets and more accessible ones. The prefab solutions we offer are among the most affordable building solutions for any urban or near-urban area in the United States. We hope that they can assist individuals, organizations, and businesses that might not otherwise be involved with architecture to solve their construction needs.

Drawings, floor plans and section

About MB Architecture

We are a multi-disciplinary, award winning studio of design, architecture, & planning with offices in the Chelsea area of Manhattan & in East Hampton. Our East Hampton office was established in 1996.

Over the past 30 years, we have helped envision, design and build a diverse range of structures and spaces from affordable pre-fabricated micro-homes to private residences, we've built installations, commercial and cultural spaces at the overlap of technology and art, places of worship, affordable multi-unit housing, specialty museums and public spaces.

Our built work is dotted in numerous locations on the East End of Long Island (Hamptons), in New York, and Germany; and we have envisioned projects for New Orleans, China, Austria, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, and Chile.

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