2000 sq ft Modular Shipping Container Home, East Hampton, New York

Floor plans
About SG Blocks

Project: Beach Box
Design: Andrew Anderson and SG Blocks
Containers: 6
Area: 2000 square feet
Exterior deck area: 1300 square feet
Location: Amagansett Dunes, East Hampton, New York

This modular container home is located about 600 feet from the ocean and is consist of six modules made of shipping containers. In the four containers on the ground level there are four bedrooms, in the two containers on top there are dining room, living room and open kitchen. The home's features are white oak floors, cypress decking and siding, white thermoplastic roof, spray foam insulation, energy-efficient windows and Energy Star appliances.

Floor plans

About SG Blocks

The premier innovator and designer of some of the world's most iconic container-based structures.

We use highly-sustainable, maritime-grade shipping containers to build incredible shopping, working, and living environments.

We work with architects, developers, builders, and commercial clients to help them build incredibly safe, strong, and green structures using code-engineered shipping containers. We work closely with our partners to source the right box for each project need, then use our unique experience and know-how to build-out each to exact specifications.

Address195 Montague Street, 14th Floor, Brooklyn Heights, New York, NY 11201
Phone+1 646 240 4235

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2000 sq ft Modular Shipping Container Home, East Hampton, New York