1x20 ft and 2x40 ft Shipping Container Home, Houston, Texas

About Numen Development

Design: Christopher Robertson, Numen Development
Containers: 1x20 ft and 2x40 ft
Location: Houston, Texas
Photography: Jack Thompson

Despite unconventional building elements of this shipping container home, the architects created a traditional rectangular home plan. Outside, the three units, one 20-foot container and two 40-foot containers form the three facades, with a glass wall to the fourth completing the perimeter of the home. The master suite is placed in the 40-foot unit; the second bedroom and an opening for the playroom and office, also take up the 40-foot module; and the laundry and kitchen rooms house the 20-foot container. Outside 400 sq ft deck connects the house to a 40 foot container that inhabits the storage shed and guest quarters.

About Numen Development

nu·men /nū'mən/1. A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.2. Creative energy; genius.

Numen Development, LLC is a consulting firm focused on small space and container-based designs. Customers can retain Numen Development to create new concepts, confirm feasibility of existing designs, or for on-site construction consultation.

Address204 Cordell St, Houston, TX 77009, USA

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1x20 ft and 2x40 ft Shipping Container Home, Houston, Texas