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Why sea containers?

When sea containers were developed in the 1930s, this was done with modularity in mind. The containers also had to be able to withstand every climate and weather. So they had to face freezing cold, storm, rain, snow and salt water. And that is why the sea container is built in such a way that it can withstand the toughest elements to protect the valuable cargo inside the container. Because containers are made from Corten, rust and corrosion cannot affect the containers.

Our container homes are turnkey homes based on standard sea containers, making them easily and with complete normal road and sea transport available worldwide in a completely finished form. The sea containers serve as a basis. They are then built down as houses. This type of home can be placed on any type of foundation and can be finished with any desired finish. It is of course also possible not to coat the container from the outside and to retain the industrial look.

Naturally, all containers can be easily linked and stacked if a larger surface area has to be created. In addition to housing, this way of construction can also be extremely suitable for student housing, temporary housing, refugee housing, garden houses, storage rooms, office spaces, holiday homes, etc.

Living Project uses only the most modern, efficient and sustainable materials and technologies to build your home. Thanks to the spacious factory and the skilled employees, we can be of quick and professional service. The basis of our modular homes are new or used standard sea containers, which are then fully finished in accordance with customer requirements.

The choice of materials for the construction of our container houses is countless. You can choose from aluminum or plastic frames with double or triple insulated / laminated glass, interior walls of robust wooden panels or walls that are smoothly plastered and painted white, a modern or classic kitchen or bathroom and so on. The choice is very extensive.

Naturally, all Living Project shipping container houses are well insulated. You can also choose from different insulation materials, each with its own values ​​and properties.

Container construction offers reliability, speed and functionality. It also offers risk-free and effective solutions that meet the requirements of private homeowners, investors, contractors, public and private institutions.

Our container construction offers the flexibility to build better structures with high precision. Steel guarantees reliability and speed.

Another major advantage of container construction is the fact that sea containers are self-supporting. This means that in an area with an earthquake risks, container houses will reliably stand.

Container construction also offers the possibility of designing various constructions that are not possible with traditional construction.

There are four types of sea containers that we use in our construction process. The dimensions of the standard ISO containers are as follows:

- 20ft ISO container (L) 6.06 m x (W) 2.44 m x (H) 2.59 m = 14.77 m² floor space
- 20ft ISO container HC (L) 6.06 m x (W) 2.44 m x (H) 2.90 m = 14.77 m² floor space
- 40ft ISO container (L) 12.19 m x (W) 2.44 m x (H) 2.59 m = 29.72 m² floor space
- 40ft ISO container HC (L) 12.19 m x (W) 2.44 m x (H) 2.90 m = 29.72 m² floor space

Living Project has a number of standard home models in the range. Of course it is also possible to build your own custom container home with unique layout and dimensions that meet your requirements.


It is important that you know how the cooperation will work with us from the first contact to the moment we deliver your property. We divide this process into the phases listed below.

● Introduction / orientation (free)

In the introductory phase you, as a potential buyer / client, let us know if you are interested in our container construction. This often involves asking questions that have not yet been answered and discussing global ideas. In this phase we will work with you to see whether the global ideas you have are feasible in terms of design, permit, time limit, financing, etc.

● Design phase

In this phase, the plans are made more concrete, whereby you can clearly state what your wishes are. You can also show your own sketch designs, photos or other examples. We appreciate this very much, because it gives a good idea of ​​your wishes.

Based on our discussion, we make one or more 2D and / or 3D designs. The costs associated with this are € 100 per design with a maximum of two containers, € 200 per design with three to six containers and € 300 for a design with more than six containers. We can also send you a specified quotation based on the 3D design we have made.

The average starting price of a turnkey container home is around € 800 per square meter. It is true that as more containers are used, the square meter price will become (considerably) lower.

● Contract

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements with Living Project, as you can find on our site. At your first request, a copy of our Terms and Conditions will be sent by post. The purchase / contracting agreement includes all drawings, calculations and descriptions with regard to the construction plan.

● Construction phase

After signing the purchase / contracting agreement, Living Project starts the preparations for the construction. You can stop by at any time to see how the work is progressing. If desired, we can keep you up-to-date by sending photos and videos.

● Delivery

During the delivery, we will check with you whether everything has been carried out properly and whether there are any delivery points that need to be resolved.

40ft HC Shipping Container Home with Aluminium Panels Facade

This container home is made of a standard 40ft HC ISO shipping container. The home has thermal insulation inside and maintenance-free brushed aluminium panels outside. The windows are from PVC with a steel core and insulated glass (HR++). The kitchen is equipped with electric boiler 50L (energy saving), electric cooking stove and oven. On the other side of the kitchen there is a folding table for 2-3 person.

The average price for a container home (1 unit) will be around € 20.000 until € 30.000 depending on the configuration. This unit is for sale for € 30.000 with tax in the Netherlands, so for international sale it would be around € 25.000

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Shipping Container Homes and Buildings by Living Project, Netherlands