2,000 square feet Shipping Container Home in Pinellas Park, Florida

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ProjectLive/Work 2070
Design Sundog Structures
Area 2,000 square feet
Containers 7
Location Pinellas Park, Florida, USA
Building Time8 weeks
Budget $250,000

Building a house was pretty much the same for centuries but now there's a material that's totally changing the game: shipping containers. They're cheap, abundant and almost indestructible and they're revolutionising the way homes are being designed and built. Shipping container building is a movement that's taking the construction world by storm with a little creativity and vision you can create some truly stunning homes.

Marketing manager Miranda has been renting near Tampa for ten years.

"I'm from Detroit Michigan I moved down here when I was for my first marketing job I just love it so much I would never never move back to the cold. I'm definitely a Florida girl now I'm in sales and marketing and I really need a place where I can work from home. It's gonna be a huge help in my productivity it's gonna save me so much time and I don't have to pay for renting my own office."

Miranda wanted a cost-effective contemporary space.

"I've been looking for modern industrial kind of home for a while. I really started feeling like I wanted this when I saw this container bar that was built in Tampa it was so cool and I wanted something similar. My budget for building my shipping container home in Florida is about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars."

Miranda has hired local contractors who specialized in container homes to help realize the vision. Shipping containers are really one of the best building units that you can have. Florida has wind storm conditions with hurricanes and these containers are super strong. It's a sustainable product. There's millions of these that come into Florida ports every year that aren't being utilized.

Miranda's shipping container home in Florida features seven containers, 2,000 square feet area and 30 foot vertical tower serves as the entrance to the ground floor opening to a square foot office workspace. The second floor features two bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and second bathroom.

All constructions built watertight because in Florida any time that you leave steel exposed it's going to rust very quickly. There's a lot of salt in the air and there's a lot of moisture in the air. All the rust areas were putting on acid base and then priming them as quick as possible for paint work very quickly.

The exterior has retained the industrial level with wood accents and large windows. The front entrance leads to a large office base for Miranda's home business. Clean minimalist design and contemporary prints mixed with exposed metal. This is a cool space for Miranda to meet clients. Next space is just kind of relaxing when you're having a stressful day then just take a little break. Chic wooden stairs lead to Miranda's main living space. Open floor plan living room features exposed metal ceilings and accent walls. Bright breakfast nook sits alongside a modern kitchen with custom concrete countertop. Miranda's bedroom is light and airy. Second bedroom has been turned into a den for Miranda's dog Buddy. At the back of the house is an outdoor balcony for Miranda to soak up the Florida sun.

Shipping Container Home Floor Plans (Gallery, Studio, Living Room, 2 Bedrooms), Florida

The Live/Work 2070 is constructed out of seven 40-foot-long shipping containers for Florida climate. The ground floor holds an open gallery/workspace, while the second floor has a two-bedroom, two-bathroom layout. One shipping container is actually installed vertically instead of horizontally to provide more ceiling height in some spaces.

2000 sqft Shipping Container Home Construction Process, Florida


About Sundog Structures (Florida)

We offer the most advanced building systems in construction. We deliver precision, beauty and balance, infused with your unique style. Following is the simplified development process to make your dream home come to life.

1 Initial Consultation

Welcome to the SUNDog Structures Family. At our initial consultation, we will:

  • Assess real estate implications;
  • Discuss building requirements;
  • Evaluate the stage of engagement;
  • Assess zoning and regulatory requirements;
  • Evaluate site considerations.

2 Feasibility

In the second phase of your development process, we will:

  • Assess deed restrictions at the proposed building site;
  • Determine location ordinances;
  • Determine height restrictions for the building.

3 Design

The third phase of the process is the most exciting as we discuss:

  • Model choice;
  • Floor levels;
  • Finish choices;
  • Amenities.

4 Contract

It’s time to sign on the dotted line:

  • Design Contract;
  • Real Estate Contract;
  • Construction Contract.

5 Permitting

While your dream home is built, the permitting process begins:

  • General Contractor or SUNDog Structures will obtain permits;
  • Identify municipality permits required;
  • Assess permit fees;
  • Determine impact fees;
  • Prepare flood documents.

6 Completion

The keys to your new home are within reach:

  • Prepare and review construction timeline;
  • Deliver structure and complete Certificate of Occupancy.

Address4909 W Knollwood St, Tampa, FL 33634, USA
Phone+1 888-200-7863

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