6 Décor Tips to Turn Your Shipping Container Tiny House into a Home

Shipping container tiny homes have taken the real estate industry by storm. Homeowners across the world are selling their two or three bedroom homes in favor of cottages with less than 500 square feet. Some say they want to downsize while others say their decision is based off of environmental reasons. If you have recently purchased a tiny home, you might find yourself struggling to decorate with such a small area without lots of decor. Here’s our six tips on turning your tiny house into a home.

Use a Lighter Color Palette 

Are you a fan of moody reds, dark jewel tones, and dramatic shades of purple? It may be time to make an adjustment, because these gorgeous and dark hues do not work well within a tiny home.

You’ll want to use lighter colors on the walls of your tiny home. White is a perfect option, along with light pastels or neutral shades. Brighter colors, such as teal, are easier on the eyes and will draw attention to other focal points inside your tiny home. You can add more color through vibrant paintings, photographs, and other works of art that rest peacefully on the wall.

Get Creative with Lighting

It’s important to keep all countertops and tables clear of clutter. If you need additional lighting besides overhead and natural lighting, it’s important to consider what type of lamps you should add to your tiny home.

Adding hanging or standalone lamps is the easiest way to illuminate your home without creating an unorganized mess inside. You can add additional lighting with a string of fairy lights, standing floor lamps, or mason jar pendant lighting.

You’ve probably seen examples of mason jar pendant lighting while combing through social media. Mason jars have been extremely popular for several years. The jars are typically used to can fruits and vegetables but can also be used for decoration or to organize things around your tiny home. You can create your own mason jar pendant lighting and add beautiful fixtures without taking up space.

Find Storage Within Your Furniture

You already know that you are working with limited space. Tiny homeowners have to get creative when it comes to storage. Pick pieces of furniture that double as a storage unit. Consider purchasing trundle beds with shelving and drawers. This area does not have to look bulky. You can get creative and show off special pieces while simultaneously placing them out of the way.

You can also maximize all of your space with magnetic storage. You can use industrial strength magnets to hold cookware on the wall or even hoist additional shelving on the wall. It’s important to think vertically while living inside a tiny home. Placing items on the wall can double as both storage and decoration. It will also trick your guests into thinking that your house has more square footage than it seems!

Find the Right Sized Furniture

You obviously can’t store a massive king sized bed into your tiny home. It’s important to learn to compromise when transitioning into a tiny home. Look for pieces of furniture that are appropriately sized for a smaller home. Smaller bookshelves will still hold your belongings without taking up lots of space.

Smaller trays and other organizational tools will help you lump together smaller items and trinkets like jewelry, extra keys, and office supplies. A properly organized tiny home will help you declutter while making your area look bigger. This is especially true for bathrooms within tiny homes. You have to get creative with your space!

Shy Away from Several Large Statement Pieces

It is common to have several large statement pieces inside normal-sized homes. This can include a statement chair, china or silverware, or bottles of alcohol. But having this many items on display can create an unorganized disaster in smaller homes.

Tiny homes only have the space for one large statement piece. If you want to show off your wine glasses or alcohol options, consider purchasing a vertical cabinet with glass doors. This will allow you to display your options while keeping your kitchen organized. Keeping a clear living room and dining room will make your tiny home more attractive to the naked eye.

Don’t Buy Furniture, Clothing Unless Necessary

Moving into a tiny home might force you to reconsider your spending habits. If you consider yourself a shopaholic, you’ll need to realize that you don’t have the space for that new outfit, vase, or bookcase.

Interior designers suggest that you do not purchase anything until you have a need for that particular item. One of their biggest suggestions was to avoid purchasing a bookshelf until you have enough items to fill it. Otherwise, you will feel a need to purchase even more items to fill up that initial bookcase. It can quickly become a problem for both your tiny home and your bank account.