La Secundaria Valladolid - Modular Shipping Container School, Mexico

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ProjectLa Secundaria Valladolid (Valladolid High School)
ArchitectsBoutique de Arquitectura
Area240 m²
LocationMexico City, Mexico

La Secundaria Valladolid - Modular Shipping Container School is a project with unique characteristics in the educational field of Mexico. From the beginning of the design the goal was to do something different and innovative that would also be attractive to students. One of the most important conditions of the project was the construction time, since for reasons of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), the facilities had to be verified on a specific date. It was the union of these two factors that led us to use shipping containers for classrooms, thus solving the problem of construction time and adding a very important recycling and environmental protection factor.

The complete project includes 15 classrooms. The first stage is made up of 5 classrooms, which include 3 classrooms for teaching classes, 1 computer laboratory, and 1 polyfunctional laboratory (physics, chemistry, and biology). Likewise, all the complementary spaces necessary for the proper functioning of the school were built: toilets (women, men and teachers), warehouses and laboratory annexes.

To make each of the classrooms or modules, a 40-foot High Cube type shipping container (HC 40" Container) divided in half was used, the union of the two pieces was made through a core of natural lighting and ventilation, with clear glass base. It is important to note that all the structural reinforcements were made based on certified structural calculation. This process was extremely complicated, since there are not a large number of projects carried out from the shipping containers.

The difficulty of the project stems from the scarcity of available information and specific construction methods for this type of modular construction in Mexico. After a long and in-depth analysis, absolutely all the structural and installation details were successfully resolved. The construction experienced several challenges throughout its duration (3 months), among which the tight delivery time, the logistics during the assembly of each container and the complexity of connecting each installation to the modules stood out.

Like most projects of Boutique de Arquitectura, La Secundaria Valladolid includes an important ecological part. On this occasion, our proposal is the reuse of shipping containers previously used for loading and unloading across the oceans. By doing this, we reduce the environmental impact since traditional construction methods that involve the use of natural resources directly on site are avoided. Likewise, we extend the useful life of the shipping containers by giving them a second use.


Floor plans / Drawings

About Boutique de Arquitectura

It is a firm dedicated to Architecture and Urban Planning based in Mexico City. Said firm is headed by two Mexican architects graduated from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESM); Being a company dedicated to the design and construction of spaces, it seeks to satisfy its customers through innovative, unique, functional, high-quality and internationally avant-garde proposals.

BOUTIQUE DE ARQUITECTURA has a social commitment that it develops through urban projects that, after extensive analysis, result in proposals for the constant improvement of human quality and spatial quality. Likewise, this commitment extends to clients and investors by offering them projects that work comprehensively among various branches of specialty. As part of the firm, areas focused on Urban Development, Marketing, Finance and Legal Framework are offered, which together deepen the competitiveness and quality of the result.

The Architecture and Design workshop is made up of two conceptual trends: Sonotectura, directed by the architect Luis Farfán and Refacionaria, headed by the architect Alejandro Chávez Delgado.

Sonotectura is presented as an emerging science - art that shapes Music in Architecture through the use of Music Psychology. The Sonotectura bases its operation on the use of Architectural Instruments that, when activated, modify the mood of the user inhabiting the space. Each instrument needs an interpreter, that is, a source of energy that drives it mechanically so that it transforms said action into vibration (sound).
In Sound Management, "sound" is the main research topic, since it is considered as the engine of change in the application of instruments in space. Through Sound Psychology, studies are carried out that determine the reactions of users at different frequencies (musical notes). By obtaining the results that define the human state of mind at certain frequencies (Hz), each instrument is tuned to achieve the desired effect in the architectural space. The architectural instruments are presented as agents of change and as new generators of sustainable energy representing a new way of "creating space" and "making a city".

Refaciaria is promoted as a line of research that integrates into the architecture mechanical elements and design features contained in machined devices of an ancient or classic character, Refacionaria bases its operation on the integration of these mechanisms in order to create distinctive details and practical solutions aesthetic form, in addition to facilitating the habitability of the spaces.
Thanks to the inclusion of these mechanical devices in architectural elements, Refaciaria becomes a tool that allows us to control our environment and generate dynamism in our spaces. Through mechanical systems, the energy consumption of the spaces is kept in optimal conditions, thus minimizing the need to use artificial mechanisms to control aspects such as lighting, ventilation and ambient temperature.

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La Secundaria Valladolid - Modular Shipping Container School, Mexico