How to Prevent Stress During Home Renovations

Home remodeling is a stressful time and managing stress levels is critical. Do you have what it takes to keep your family together during a Home Renovation? A shipping container home renovation is nothing like what you see on TV, where a host and team magically transform a house in a snap. It actually takes several weeks or even months, depending on the size of your project. Here are a few ways to prevent stress during home renovations.

Budget Your Renovation

First and foremost - decide on a budget and stick to it and you and your partner should agree on that budget. How are you paying for this project? Are you using savings, taking out a loan, what type of loan. Also, have extra money set aside for any problems/issues that may (and likely will) occur. 

Have a Plan

Are you renovating your entire house, or just a floor? Inside or outside areas? A trend with many Atlanta houses for sale is to develop your front yard into an extension of your house. Front lawns are no longer just for curb appeal. Adjust your house with mock rooms. If you are renovating your kitchen, set up a temporary kitchen in another area of your house. A garage is a great place to store items you’ve removed from the project area, although you may have to move the car elsewhere.

Have One Free Room

You need to have a clean room in your home to escape to. Keep this room free of any construction items, just a clean space for you and your family to use and forget about the work happening across the hall. If you can, spend as much time out of the home as possible. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the renovation and have it take over your every thought - however, this can get overwhelming. Perhaps you can spend a weekend away at a hotel or with a family member or friend. Taking your focus off the renovations for a bit can help reduce some anxiety. 

Set a Timeline

Having a timeline is important to maintain your sanity. You live in your shipping container home and things need to be completed in a timely fashion. It would be hard to manage  not to have a kitchen for the summer months while your kids are home from school and you need to prepare 3 meals a day. Create a timeline with your contractor from the beginning and check in with your contractor often to be sure things are moving on schedule.