Autodesk Shipping Container Conference Room, San Francisco, California

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DesignLundberg Design
LD TeamGavin Knowles, Omer Caparti
Project TeamDPR Construction, Holmes Cully
Year 2015
LocationSan Francisco, California
PhotographyBlake Marvin

Description by Lundberg Design

The Autodesk Applied Research Lab is an expansion of the Pier 9 Workshop focused on research and innovation in robotics. Unlike the original workshop and office space, which had a specific and extensive equipment list, this space is all about planning for the unknown and the flexible. We designed an open, double height space which allows teams to build, test, and showcase robots ranging from tiny drones to massive industrial arms and beyond. This includes a double height glass rolling door to accommodate large pieces of equipment as well as 5’ wide, 2” thick steel plates cast into the concrete floor to allow the users to bolt or weld supports and attachment points anywhere along the space.

The lab is supported by an open office on the mezzanine and a unique conference room crafted from a shipping container. The users wanted a conference room that could be sealed off from the noise and distraction of the lab but also open up to allow them to bring in a robot to display or allow them to host larger events. The modified shipping container, a reference to the industrial nature of the work and the maritime context of the pier, features a 16’ wide glass bi-fold door that provides the desired connection to the rest of the lab. Inside the shipping container conference room, a custom table was designed in concert with Autodesk and fabricated in-house in the Lundberg Design shop. The water-jet-cut steel and local Bay Laurel slab table sits on industrial casters that allow it to be wheeled out of the shipping container conference room to make room for a large display or to serve as the center for larger gatherings in the lab. A patterned inlay running down the center of the table was built by the robotics team at Autodesk and includes thousands of custom 3D-printed lenses over an array of independently programmable LED diodes that can display images or bits of code and can be controlled from a laptop or tablet.

About Lundberg Design

We are located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, in a 1933 mattress factory building. It is a perfect building for the kind of firm we are – raw concrete walls and exposed timber trusses, with high volumes and enough square footage to house our architectural practice, fabrication shop, and even a work-week apartment for Olle. The practice has always been very diverse – we have designed homes, restaurants, wineries, corporate headquarters, distilleries, hotels, apartment buildings, bars, lobbies, and even San Francisco’s bus shelters. We describe our style as “nature-inspired modernism,” and we strive for elegant, simple solutions in our work. We like materials with substance – wood, stone, steel; materials with heft and texture – really the opposite of veneer. For us the making of architecture is a collaborative act; between ourselves and especially with our clients – while we aim for poetry we also pride ourselves on making buildings that work very, very well.

The work is quite personal – to our clients, to the site, and to us; and to that end we have always had a fabrication shop as part of our practice. It is a place to experiment with materials and details; it is a place to build things. The shop is a way to emphasize the notion of craft in our projects – the unique piece handmade for just that moment. This enables us to at times act a little more like a sculptor, where the process of making begins to inform the end result, so that the pieces really do end up being one-of-a-kind. The act of making is different from just drawing an idea – no matter the cost the mark of the hand makes the piece a kind of gift, unique and personal to that client. It is an inseparable part of our design practice.

Our firm's basic philosophy for environmental sustainability is thinking long term: to design singular places that last. Architects need to lead the way in creating buildings that minimize resource consumption and carbon emissions, and ideally create a net positive impact. We utilize today's latest technologies and building strategies in our design toward these goals. The use of reclaimed materials, artfully integrated to create strong architectural statements that are also highly functional, is another hallmark of our firm. Yet, ultimately, our real mission is to produce beautiful buildings, each unto itself, buildings that the user and subsequent generations of users will love – this for us is the essence of environmentally responsible design. If our buildings work well, capture the imagination of its users over generations, then the materials and effort that went into their creation have been well spent. We strive to design buildings that will far outlive all of us that build them, buildings that are admired and help show us how we can live respectfully within the limits of our Earth.

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WE EXIST TO BUILD GREAT THINGS.® It’s really that simple. We are a company of builders who exist to build great projects, great teams, great relationships, great value.

DPR Construction is a unique technical builder with a passion for results. Ranked among the top 50 general contractors in the country since 1997, we are a global self-performing commercial contractor and construction manager that has grown with our customers by delivering measurably more value. Whether a multi-million-dollar technical facility or a conference room renovation, we execute every project with relentless accountability. We listen to your goals. We develop strategies based on your business. We track our performance. We do everything we can to earn your trust and build great lasting relationships and raving fans.

INVIOLABLE BELIEFS. Our core values are a starting point and help define what we do and how we do it. They underlie the passion that drives us to be better and different. They allow the freedoms of our entrepreneurial organization, where people are empowered to make decisions, to make a difference with their ideas and hard work, to find solutions and challenge traditional ways of doing things.

Integrity. We conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty and fairness; we can be trusted.

Enjoyment. We believe work should be fun and intrinsically satisfying; if we are not enjoying ourselves, we are doing something wrong.

Uniqueness. We must be different from and more progressive than all other construction companies; we stand for something.

Ever Forward. We believe in continual self-initiated change, improvement, learning and the advancement of standards for their own sake.

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