Low Cost Shipping Container Office Space, Los Angeles, California

About Pallotta TeamWorks
About Clive Wilkinson Architects

Project: Pallotta TeamWorks Workplace
Design: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Type: Offices, Warehouse Conversion
Area: 47,000 SF
Location: Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California
Year: 2002
Photo: Benny Chan, Fotoworks

Description from architects

A growing American charity event company, Pallotta TeamWorks, approached the firm with a challenging proposition: to create an inspiring new headquarters for them in a raw warehouse with a shoestring budget. After a preliminary budget analysis, it emerged that they had insufficient funds to even air-condition the space.

This tight constraint led to a concept of locating the client's work areas in air-conditioned breathing islands' loosely enclosed in tents, within the unconditioned warehouse. All infrastructure was analyzed for optimum distribution paths, and minimal structural alteration. To further save money, shipping containers acted as both private offices and the corner anchors for the tent structures. The resulting project generated considerable savings in use over conventional office build-outs, and reinforced the client's message of promoting responsible, sustainable ways of living on this planet. The project won several design awards, including a national AIA Honor Award.

About Pallotta TeamWorks

By asking people to do the most they could do instead of the least, Pallotta TeamWorks championed a new paradigm for citizen activism on important charitable causes and charitable event fundraising itself.

The company created multi-day event concepts that challenged participants to journey long distance for multiple days on end in the name of causes they cared about deeply, married this challenge to an equally daunting challenge to raise a mandatory minimum of four-figures (i.e., $1,200, $2,500, etc.) in order to participate, and marketed these offerings using consumer brand practices that had not previously been the custom of charitable events. The company created the AIDSRides, the AIDS Vaccine Rides, the African AIDS Trek, the original Breast Cancer 3-Day walks, and the original Out of the Darkness suicide prevention overnight event. These events grossed $556 million in donor contributions and netted $305 million for charity after all expenses in nine years. More than 182,000 people walked or rode in one of the events. The company had approximately 400 full-time employees in sixteen offices around the nation at its peak in 2002. The company was the subject of a 2002 Harvard Business School case study. Pallotta TeamWorks' ideas and methods have been studied and adopted by dozens of other events, charities, and event production companies in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, which now collectively raise tens of millions of dollars each year for important causes.

About Clive Wilkinson Architects

Clive Wilkinson Architects is a distinguished architecture and design practice that collaborates with progressive clients in envisioning and designing new environments that support, enhance and reinvigorate contemporary life.

We think of any organization as a distinctive 'human community'. Through our design process, we strive to connect people, shape relationships and empower organizations to produce new and invigorating forms of human community. We have acquired a wealth of experience for the enrichment of future projects through working together with some of the world's most creative companies and institutions over the course of twenty-eight years. Our strength lies in designing strong architectural frameworks that personify a clients social, cultural and functional needs, in addition to providing highly sustainable and flexible platforms.

Clive Wilkinson Architects was established in Los Angeles in 1991 by President and Design Director, Clive Wilkinson, and has completed over 6 million square feet of creative workplace, educational, institutional and residential projects across the globe. Our work has garnered over 165 national and international design awards to date, including the National Design Award for excellence in the category of Interior Design from the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in 2012.


Our design and consulting services cover the full spectrum of architecture and interior design, with added focus on visioning and programming, research and feasibility analysis, urban design and master planning, in addition to lighting, furniture and graphic design.


  • Visioning
  • Programming
  • Change Management
  • Master Planning
  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Project Budget Preparation
  • Project Budget Coordination
  • Project Scheduling + Phasing
  • Site Analysis
  • Corporate Planning Analysis
  • Planning and Zoning Analysis
  • Post-Occupancy Analysis
  • Graphic Design
  • Lighting Design + Specification
  • Furniture Research + Specification
  • Custom Furniture Design
  • CAD and Physical Modeling



All types including:

  • Arts + Entertainment
  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Institutional
  • Technology
  • Custom Furniture
  • Furniture Systems
  • Graphic Design


  • Landscape Integration
  • Master Planning
  • Site Development
  • Sustainability Systems
  • Transportation Systems


  • Building Renovation
  • Cladding Systems
  • Core + Shell New Construction
  • Hospitality Planning + Design


  • Healthcare Planning + Design
  • Higher Education Planning + Design


  • Film, Radio + Television Studios
  • Production Studios


  • Multi-Family Developments
  • Single Family Residences

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Low Cost Shipping Container Office Space, Los Angeles, California