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Echo Tech Design

Ecotechdesign is shipping container homes design and architecture company located in Los Angeles, California, under the inspired and creative leadership of architect and designer, Walter Scott Perry has been involved in green design, currently referred to as ecofriendly sustainable thinking and architecture for over 40 years, having been a pioneer and leader in the net-zero passive solar eco design movement successfully incubated in Santa Fe, New Mexico and birthed in 1972, by the famous oil embargo crisis.

Ecotechdesign collaborative architecture approach has been developed in projects over many years in order to seamlessly integrate architecture and design with material systems research and shipping container homes construction, as well as encourage professional and political participation to solve possible problems more quickly and effectively.

Ecotechdesign designers and architects pioneered the green sustainable team design approach during the 1990’s.

The 4 company subgroups are: ecotechdesign, ecotech consult, ecotechr+d, ecotechbuild, located in Los Angeles, California.

The practice is a diverse and full-service shipping container homes design collaborative that examines and explores practical ways to integrate client needs, project cost limitations, physical construction, energy conservation opportunities and innovation with local climate and living systems in a timely and responsive way. It embraces the philosophy that all things are inter-connected and merely exist at different levels of perception and reality, some large and some small, some visible and some hard to see. Embracing a whole systems thinking approach to problem solving, it explores patterns at all scales from macro to micro to explore and develop ways to integrate natural and man-made materials and systems. The design process is a problem-solving approach that considers design, engineering and space-making as an organic process of investigation, discovery and collaboration. This results in a practical and functional, yet aesthetically balanced and responsive, organic architecture.

Using a building kit design approach that utilizes plug-in components, units (shipping containers), ecotechdesign incorporates a hybrid architecture/design approach. Like the hybrid automobile design, this method combines different building and engineering technologies and sustainable energy systems to maximize energy, liveable spatial and project cost efficiencies that result in practical engineering solutions while achieving substantial architectural variety and design flexibility. Ecotechdesign explores and researches the use of conventional/traditional building systems, techniques and materials, shipping containers, combined with innovative solutions developed by its research subgroup ecotechr+d that investigates new ways of combining old available materials to solve new problems. Solarshade technology which was used to cool hybridhouse is a beautiful example of the innovative and progressive use of readily available and low-cost materials, technologies and systems to passively change microclimate and cool a shipping container home or any building.

AddressWalter Scott Perry, Architect 8834 Hollywood Hills Road, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
Phone+1 323-650-2827
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44 West Construction

Address274 Muerdago Rd, Topanga, CA 90290, United States
Phone+1 310-455-2517

Leger Wanaselja Architecture

Since its inception in 1991, Leger Wanaselja Architecture, located in Berkeley, California, has been an industry leader in sustainable design. The company has won numerous awards and been featured in periodicals, books and other media, highlighting architectural exploration of green design.

The goal for every Leger Wanaselja project is to shrink the possible ecological footprint while designing enduring and lyrical buildings, shipping container homes. Integrating clients’ needs and wishes with the specifics of a building site, Leger Wanaselja projects emerge naturally and clearly from their surroundings and use available material resources and energy efficiently. Welcoming light filled and cozy indoor-outdoor spaces and areas often figure prominently. To significantly reinforce the relationship of the architecture of the future home to location Leger Wanaselja mark sunlight’s patterns, reuses existing materials and incorporates local materials in their projects. Nature in surrounding is always carefully and attentively considered and celebrated, even if project location is in an urban setting.

Leger Wanaselja architects and designers work closely with builders and customers in order to achieve and realize the best possible ideas and results in project. Since Leger Wanaselja are also green developers and builders the company brings a keen understanding of modern construction methods and client's budgets to all of shipping container homes projects, as well as the hands-on ability to experiment for better result and innovate for more satisfaction. In addition, Leger Wanaselja designers and architects regularly review alternative and new construction methods and materials to improve upon exterior and interior aesthetics and performance, and to reduce possible ecological impacts of homes and buildings.

Address2320 McGee Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703, United States
Phone+1 510-848-8901

AB Design Studio

AB design studio with offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California, implements ideas and transforms concepts for comfortable living into shipping container homes, experiences and spaces. Every aspect of design in every project is thoughtfully executed with architectural passion and engineering attention to detail using a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach considering principles of environmental design in architecture (ENVD). Architects in AB design studio bring fresh and modern understanding of harmony in shipping container architecture with an appreciation for a variety of different architectural styles and trends. Utilizing in projects innovative design techniques and thoughtful responsive use of materials AB design studio explores the architectural potential of each design in order to skillfully translate it into beautiful, practical, buildable and responsible shipping container homes projects in California. Each project is unique and comes with its own set of considerations, obstacles and opportunities; to this AB design studio brings creativity, experience and intentionality.

AB design studio strives to unleash explorative context-based designs that allow them to creatively re-assess what a built environment can provide for its users and the future. AB design studio values creativity and a rigorous process of problem solving; believes that creativity reaches well beyond the arts to affect disciplines in various industries. Problem solving isn't an ability, it's a mindset that drives people to proactively shape their environments. Architects and designers in AB design studio believe that good design is good business.

Seeing is believing. AB design studio believes successful solutions are communicative, tangible and visible. AB design studio brings their projects to life using unique and effective visualization process. In addition to informing the assumptions in our design, this process produces highly creative and innovative concepts that emerge quickly and efficiently. The end result is a clear picture providing valuable project information that the project team and client can use to present and realize the design with local agencies, decision makers, consultants and builders.

Address in Santa Barbara, California420 E Haley St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States
Address in Los Angeles, California2234 Barry Ave #100, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone+1 805-963-2100

Barber Builders

Don Barber, President & Founder of Barber Builders

Living and working on the Central Coast of California for more than 30 years, Don has set Barber Builders apart with a simple hard work approach to getting things done.

"My entire career has been about taking care of my clients needs with care and respect. I can't imagine doing it any other way. We're looking for great new challenges, and opportunities to grow our community with trust, care, and faith."

Barber Builders, located in Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California, appreciates the challenges of the day, and take them head on. Barber Builders crews are prompt and dedicated to the tasks at hand. Barber Builders are goal oriented and work hard to keep timelines and budgets in good order.

Do the job, and do it right. Its an obvious simple mantra, but it always keeps Barber Builders crews focused on project success and delivering their future homeowners out of this world results. Going the extra mile is just part of the race, and their clients should expect nothing less.

There are many choices in the construction marketplace, and when customers choose Barber Builders for their shipping container home project, it is greatly appreciated. Barber Builders earn client's business by building trust. It has served Barber Builders well over the years, and they think its the only way to grow a solid business in such an intimate community. Their clients become their best evangelists, as clients share the journeys they have taken together.

Address809 Northpointe Place, Lompoc, CA 93436
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 723, Lompoc, CA 93438
Phone 1+18057357503
Phone 2+18058969648

DeMaria Design

DeMaria Design Associates is an innovative and creative architecture design firm offering shipping container homes architecture, shipping container homes planning, shipping container homes interior design and branding services.

DeMaria Design clients are innovative, diverse and bold - each seeking to identify, present, define and/or explore their own unique creative business vision and culture or distinctive personal lifestyles through architecture, design and art.

In architect's quest to unlock in projects the widest array of architecture and shipping container homes design possibilities, DeMaria Design explores disciplines and various successful design models and case studies beyond the modern boundaries of architecture. DeMaria Design teams with experts, educational institutions and private and public entities from various multidisciplinary fields in an unrelenting architectural design process in their shipping container homes projects. Through exploration, collaboration, experimentation, pre-fabrication and re-adaptation, powerful hybrid and modular design solutions surface from multiple combinations of non-traditional design models.

DeMaria Design creative work focuses on heterogeneous original relationships – mixing and formation from elements of different entities, hybridism among craft, culture, material, technology, form, function and most importantly, experiences of individual people and communities. Each of these important elements serves in some capacity as a powerful catalyst for many positive changes in people's physical environment. DeMaria Design studio is in a changing and perpetual evolutionary state, unencumbered by historical architectural prejudice or tradition mimicry.

AddressThe Brewery, 642 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031, United States
Phone+1 310-809-1520

Obed Group

Los Angeles based contractor/builder specializing in prefab and modular modern custom homes.

Shipping container homes builder in California.

Address8400 Moorcroft Avenue, West Hills, California 91304, USA
Phone+1 818 216 5838

OBR Architecture

Launched in April 2008, architectural company obrARCHITECTURE sprung from the desire to create and expand meaningful and lasting relationships with homeowners, projects and social/ecological environment. obrARCHITECTURE is located in the heart of beautiful San Diego’s North Park arts and design district on 3805 Ray Street, San Diego, California 92104 and the company is actively involved and engaged with the local art community. obrARCHITECTURE is a small, focused, shipping container homes design firm and believes that each individual unique partner’s talents makes for a necessary dynamic whole process that can not only meet, but often exceed their client’s expectations and hopes. As a small architecture firm obrARCHITECTURE believes strongly in being comfortably accessible and conveniently flexible with their clientele. With the shipping container homes builders, suppliers and all partners’ competence and wide array of experience, obrARCHITECTURE shipping container homes designers have the ability to take on a wide variety of architecture project sizes and building types and can adjust flexibly and quickly to changes in project's programs, designs or budgets. obrARCHITECTURE brings an exceptional collaborative, professional and artistic approach to every shipping container homes project and feel the architects have an obligation to lead, inspire and assist their clients in reaching their project goals.

Address8400 Moorcroft Avenue, West Hills, California 91304, USA
Phone+1 818 216 5838