International Household movers are working to make your life easy

An international household relocation is a time-consuming operation. Numerous processes must be followed to successfully transport your personal belongings from the United States to your new abroad residence. During this challenging period, you will not be alone. SDC international staff can speak with you about any aspect of your foreign shipping. This is because moving from one country to another is complex and challenging. Before you relocate, your relocation expert will arrange all of the necessary tasks. If you desire one, they will put up a visual estimate on your house site. You'll decide together on the breadth of international home moving services you'll need for your move. Your relocation specialist will accurately estimate the cost of your moving services.

Facts about international shipping:

● Unless services like freight forwarding are used, shipping internationally can take significantly longer than shipping within the country.

● Individual regulations govern what can and cannot be imported or exported in many nations.

● International shipments make for a larger share of all packages mailed each year.

● In almost every industry, offering international shipping can boost sales.

● Ports in the United States inspect about 5% of the roughly 17 million freight containers they receive each year.

● Approximately 20 million shipping containers are currently in use around the world.

● When a freighter or other transport vehicle is fully loaded, shipping is less expensive; therefore, freight forwarding can save you money.

● International shipping is expanding at a breakneck pace, with forecasted growth of 6% over the next three years.

Many shipping companies provide excellent services, but SDC international shipping is a global moving company that serves 190 countries worldwide.

Who is involved in an international shipment?

An overseas cargo involves many individuals and companies, and it will help if you know who they are, what they do, and how they collaborate. Unfortunately, only one or two of the companies involved will likely have direct contact with you, and you will have little or no touch with the rest. All of these, however, are discussed further below.

The Shipper:

This is you, the person in charge of the delivery. You are both the "Exporter" (the person who exports things from the country of origin) and the "Importer" (the person who imports goods from the country of origin) (the person importing goods into the destination country). You must understand that as the "Shipper," you accept responsibility for the legality of the goods being shipped, any import duties, supplying paperwork, and, most importantly, any charges that may arise in the event of a port strike, a customs inspection, or an unusual delivery situation. As a result, you must ensure that you are familiar with all of the requirements for importing into the country you are sending. You should also set aside some money in case you need it.

The international shipping company:

Your Move Manager will be the International Shipping Company you select. It is the firm that will supervise your cargo, with whom you will sign the contract (or agreement, or estimate), and with whom you will receive your bill. It's the firm you'll contact if you have any damage claims, shipping updates, or general queries about the procedure. SDC Competent international movers will do everything possible to bring your belongings to their final destination. We cannot guarantee that nothing in your cargo will be damaged in any way—anyone who says that your belongings will not be damaged lies to you. We can assure you that we will make every attempt to safeguard your belongings. We strongly advise all clients to get damage insurance.

Household goods shipping:

SDC provides the help of qualified professionals; we offer dependable domestic and international household goods moving services. We place a high value on proper and safe packaging of items. Our employees use high-quality packing materials such as wrapping papers, cartons, and wooden boxes to keep the goods safe. All packing procedures are carried out under the supervision of packaging professionals. We provide household products shipping by air, ocean, and road.


If you're relocating to another nation and need to send household things there, the most difficult challenge you'll face is ensuring that all of your belongings arrive in one piece. SDC international may seem like a no-brainer because that is how you would transfer your belongings inland. Some companies, on the other hand, specialize in international transportation.