2 Bedroom Airbnb Orange Shipping Container Home, Colorado

OwnerTommy Lorden
LocationSalida, Colorado, United States

This orange shipping container home is located just 2 miles from vibrant and beautiful downtown Salida, Colorado. Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, kick back in style as you gaze across at the Collegiate Peaks - with the highest concentration of 14’ers in the State.

There are many ways to use shipping containers, from classic urban farms to modern off-the-grid getaways to automatic all-in-one swimming pools. Each one of those projects is made from a surplus shipping container unit and upcycled into a completely brand new structure or building, and they are often praised as a modern eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional construction methods and building materials.

Often construction process connected with shipping containers looks so exciting and we love watch how shipping container units are transformed into modern livable spaces or any other buildings, and the latest to cross our desk is this beautiful two-bedroom and two-bathroom bright orange home in Colorado. Designed and built by Tommy Lorden, Boulder real estate agent, as a vacation Airbnb rental property, the bright orange shipping container house uses two 40 ft shipping containers side by side and features comfortable decor and clean lines.

Some shipping container homes include industrial in the interior decor, with a bit of traditional farmhouse details, but this interior looks to the 1950s - 60s for decor inspiration. Tommy Lorden owns a classic midcentury home, and he wanted to build an overhanging roof construction and add a large deck for convenient outdoor-indoor living.

A transparent glass railing used to maximize beautiful views of the mountains, and the owner wanted for an entry staircase location the side of the shipping container so as leave the sight lines not interrupted. Inside, the shipping container house features plywood walls with midcentury-inspired design, white counters and cabinets. The orange color scheme allows the Big Chill retro fridge to use an aqua blue color, and the bedrooms connect to the expansive deck through sliding glass doors.


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2 Bedroom Airbnb Orange Shipping Container Home, Colorado