Shipping Containers Modular Office of a Logistics Company, Hong Kong

It looks like a beach house, but it's an office made with containers. 192 m² office space in Hong Kong has minimalist decor and sustainable solutions.

Floor Plans / Drawings
About A Work of Substance

ProjectGoodman Westlink Office
ArchitectA Work of Substance
Area192.0 m² (2066 ft²)
LocationTuen Mun, Hong Kong
PhotosDennis Lo

It was a time when offices were all the same and bland. This small company in Hong Kong proves that it is possible to combine design, good ideas and sustainability even in small work environments. Here, four containers gave rise to six flexible spaces, which adapt to different situations. Best of all, the place is surrounded by greenery and has the air of home.

The idea belongs to Maxime Dautresme, creative director of A Work of Substance office, responsible for architecture and interior design. He explains that building with containers is a way to celebrate sustainable architecture. Some of the walls received large glass openings, which take the surrounding landscape into the office and flood it with light. The construction can still be transported to another land if necessary, generating minimal impact on the environment. A project that transforms and inspires the work routine every day.

Description by architects

Containers are multifaceted; a strong symbol of a logistics company and a celebrator of sustainable architecture. Its modular construct naturally allowed us to use 4 containers to create 6 different spaces as a marketing suite for Goodman, with the flexibility to adapt to an evolving site. We maximised the opportunity to have extensive glass openings, which allows potential clients to have an overview of the surrounds. The layering of timber and glass softens the features of an inherently industrial product, establishing harmony amongst nature whilst bringing in light and tropical backdrops into the space. At the end, the build can be collapsed and transported, leaving minimal imprint on the original landscape.


About A Work of Substance

Substance is a collective of people with imaginations so far reaching, that if we were a single hybrid person you would probably be afraid to be our friend. Our productivity is not purely achieved by sitting at the desk; napping for the explicit reason of conjuring surreal ideas is completely justifiable.

Contrary to most, our resume is filled with work we love to do, and it shows. Briefs, (not the kind of underwear), but the kind that stipulate deliverables make us giddy. In light of everything, our positive madness and overwhelming passion produces not just empty pretty things, but wickedly beautiful executions with substance.

Hong Kong

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Shipping Containers Modular Office of a Logistics Company, Hong Kong