1300 sqft 3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Architect and BuilderParagon Designs
Containers1x25ft, 4x40ft
Area1300 sq ft
LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota

Description by Zillow

Own a jaw dropping, one of a kind piece of art in the Jordan neighborhood. This is the first shipping container house in Minneapolis and Paragon Designs was the mastermind behind the artful design and its construction. The shipping container house sitting high on a corner lot will stop anyone in their tracks and have them begging to see inside. Within those metal walls, you'll see a shipping container home filled with light and unique features that highlight earthly elements: rock - tile and counters, wood - custom staircase and kitchen counters and metal - exposed walls of the shipping container. The builder had thoughtfully designed the doors of the shipping containers to be support of the entrances and upper level decks for an outdoor enjoyment. Beyond the true beauty of this home, it's owner will appreciate the fact that it is zero energy ready. This show stopper is available to the right buyer that qualifies for the Minneapolis Homes Program.


Description by FOX9

Dave Schiller of Paragon Designs is the builder and architect of what's considered to be a one-of-a kind home in Minneapolis.

The three bed, two bath house - constructed with old metal shipping containers - sits atop a hill on the 2400 block of Irving Avenue in North Minneapolis.

"There’s significantly less lumber than a regular home, probably 40 to 50 percent less," Schiller explained. "I think that it is a glimpse into part of the future."

Schiller is working with the Minneapolis Homes Program, which helps contractors build affordable homes. And in a community where new builds are rare, this house stands out.

Schiller used five giant shipping containers to build the shipping container home, which he says took about six months to construct.

Realtor Amber Steiner is now trying to find the right match for the unique space.

"You have your master closet, and then your master bedroom with all the natural light. It’s beautiful, definitely spacious," she said.

The first Minneapolis shipping container home is listed at $280,000.


Description by CBS Minnesota

Shipping containers are no longer just used to move goods from one place to another. A house built with shipping containers in Minnesota will make its home in north Minneapolis, boasting a unique design that’s providing much-needed affordable housing.

A three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is bringing something unique to Irving Avenue in North Minneapolis.

“This is the first shipping container home in the Twin Cities. We got two 40-foot containers here and a 20-foot container over here we added the third container to give you that feeling of being in a spacious house,” said David Schiller.

Designer and builder David Schiller believes a downstairs bathroom and bedroom allow new residents to spread out.

“He had a vision, he put it to life, and definitely shows the passion behind each of the materials he put inside the home, from the tiles, from the color scheme, to the wood countertops. He wanted everything to be a draw,” Steiner said.

The house is made out of three shipping containers on the ground floor and, on the top floor, two additional shipping containers. The designer wanted to keep the shipping container feel center stage of this project.

“One of the things I like most about building with shipping containers is, what we did is, we utilized the doors of the shipping containers to make this balcony,” Schiller said.

The spacious jack-and-jill bathroom separates the two upstairs bedrooms that feature balconies. Lots of natural light floods both upstairs and downstairs, and outside, ten apple trees planted to begin what Schiller calls the North Side Orchard.

Realtor Amber Steiner believes this may be the first of its kind but it won’t be the last.

“There are plenty of lots around here affordable lots so why not take something like this that’s unique and beautiful and put it on those lots,” Steiner said. “The metal the stone the true earthiness of it all it stands out from all the other houses you see in the neighborhood.”

The Minnesota Housing Program helps contractors build affordable homes. Paragon Designs hopes to sell the shipping container home in Minneapolis in the low- to mid-$200,000 range.



3 Bedroom Shipping Container Home Floor Plans


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