Shipping Container Modular Smart Building Concept with Plug-In Mobile Rooms that Can "Travel"

OVA Studio presented their competition entry for the 2014 Radical Innovation Awards. This is a shipping container modular smart building concept with plug-in mobile rooms that can "travel" - the room to go.

About OVA Studio

Project: HIVE-INN
Design: OVA Studio
Year: 2014

OVA wanted to create maximum flexibility and mobility with this mobile rooms concept HIVE-INN. That's why their choice fell on the cost-effective container design, as the containers are easy to transport and similar to lego blocks stackable and modular expandable.

Similar to a suitcase, the ready-made container could travel and be sent to the desired location or be used on the spot as an exhibition area or as an advertising space for companies. It would also be reasonable that the containers are rented for this purpose.

The basic framework is based on a steel grid, in which the respective containers are pushed by means of a crane into the existing cassettes - similar to a plug-in system. So the building can individually grow or shrink and adapt to the demand. At the HIVE-INN the OVA Studio designed two container rooms for Ferrari and Alexander McQueen.

About OVA Studio

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Shipping Container Modular Smart Building Concept with Plug-In Mobile Rooms that Can "Travel"