Reused Shipping Containers in Wooden Shell - A Winery Becomes an Attraction, Tasmania, Australia

For the Brown Brothers winery in Tasmania, Devil's Corner, Cumulus Studio designed an outstanding ensemble in the truest sense of the word. A cluster of buildings includes viewing platforms, a food stand and the door down to the wine cellar. As a building material ship containers were combined with wood.

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ProjectDevil's Corner
ArchitectsCumulus Studio
LocationSherbourne Road, Apslawn, AUS-7190 Tasmania, Australia

For a long time only a collapsible building protected the door down into the wine cellar. Now, a new solution was sought. The spectacular shipping container building also serves as a tourist attraction and as a place for tasting the wines produced there. The entrance to the cellar, with rooms for tasting, a shop and tourist information, circumscribes the inner courtyard, which is used for changing events. Protected by a large awning, it also serves as a haven of tranquility and invites you to linger with seating.

Three interlocking shipping container structures, two lying and one tower, form the building. Selected, framed views make it possible to visually discover the landscape - the sky, the horizon and the bay at the foot of the vineyard. The tower culminates in an open observation deck. Visitors can thus get to know the wine through culinary and visual references.

A total of ten shipping containers were reused for the buildings - five of them for the lookout and another five for the rooms around the courtyard. The rest of the supporting structure was also realized in steel. The choice of materials offered above all the advantage of industrial prefabrication. Thanks to their module size, the containers are easy to transport and, thanks to their stability, can also be used flexibly. Often, the architects only used parts of a container or put two slices together like the lookout tower. Adapted to the new usage, they were quickly assembled on site. In addition, a prefabricated staircase made of steel plates winds up in the lookout tower, breaking through the wooden shell of the building. This results in viewing axes in varying directions and the supporting material is visible to the outside. In the wooden paneling, the reference to a traditional farm suggests itself, which is also demonstrated in the loose arrangement in which the buildings are located to each other. As with a rural settlement, although the individual parts resemble each other in their aesthetics, they could each equally exist for themselves. The architecture of the Devil's Corner winery plays with the contrast of natural materials and the repeatedly translucent references to the industrial origin of the supporting structure.

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Additional Information:

Project Team: Peter Walker, Liz Walsh, Andrew Geeves, Fiona McMullen, Todd Henderson
Structural design: Aldanmark
Construction time: August - December 2015
Construction area: 572 m² total, 112 m² vantage point, 460 m² cellar entrance and market area

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Cumulus Studio is an award winning architecture and interior design practice with offices in Hobart, Launceston and Melbourne. The three offices operate as one combined studio, providing flexibility in the size and scope of work undertaken and ensuring a cohesive and collaborative approach to all projects.


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About Devil's Corner Winery

The Hazards Vineyard is located at the Devil’s Corner Cellar Door with sweeping views down to Moulting Lagoon with the Hazards range of mountains in the background.

The maritime location moderates the climate and provides frost protection. The mountains to the west attract most of the rain ensuring excellent grape growing conditions.

Devil’s Corner wines are very much a product of our stunning vineyard.

AddressDevil’s Corner Cellar Door, PO Box 206, Bicheno  7215, TASMANIA, Australia
Phone+61 (3) 5720 5500

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Reused Shipping Containers in Wooden Shell - A Winery Becomes an Attraction, Tasmania, Australia