White Minimalist Shipping Container Home

About Marilia Pellegrini

ArchitectureMarilia Pellegrini
ProjectCosentino Container House (Casa Contêiner Cosentino)
Area60 m²
Containers2x40 ft
PhotosAlexandre Disaro

Marilia Pellegrini's project was featured at CASACOR SP 2019 and competes in the Architecture Single Residence category of the International Property Awards

Marília Pellegrini's project for CASACOR São Paulo 2019 was the Brazilian project chosen to participate in the International Property Awards, in the Architecture Single Residence category.

The Cosentino Container House, one of the highlights of the show, underscores the truth of the excellent materials and finishes, without excesses, bringing a cozy home from a minimalist point of view. Two containers were docked to form the 60 m² house. It is complete with integrated living, kitchen and laundry facilities as well as a comfortable bedroom with bathroom. The unusual choice of structure had the premise of sustainability: it promotes a clean, fast, dry construction with 100% reuse. In addition, it brings mobility as it can be transported without major difficulties.

Brise soleil around the box control the brightness without interrupting the view of the landscape. The patio complements the living area, adding 40 m², bringing architecture and nature closer.

Bedroom, living room and bathroom are organically interconnected with the corridor. The continuous illuminated strip helps to connect the spaces. Built into the liner, it does not compromise the clean look. At the same time, the natural textures of light wood and fabrics leave the cozy resting environment. Delicacy that surprises when you are in a container.


About Marilia Pellegrini

Marilia Pellegrini graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in 2001. Her professional experience began during college with the architect Carlos Alexandre Dumond, Carico. In 2004, Marilia moved to the United States to work at the Rene Gonzalez Architect office, recognized for its residential projects and contemporary line buildings.

Back in Brazil in 2006, Marilia joined the team at Studio Arthur Casas, where she remained until 2015, when she was playing the role of Studio director. Her copyright works have been around since 2007, and in 2015 Marilia decides to dedicate herself exclusively to her office, MPA. The main intention of the architect's work is to unite the formal and functional aesthetics in the conception of each project, in any scale and always associated with the needs and personality of each client.

With a contemporary look, the result of her experience and constant research, Marilia develops with her team projects of architecture and commercial interiors, residential and also explores furniture design, passion acquired over the years of work and research with Arthur Casas.

AddressR. Dr. Amânicio de Carvalho, 182 Vila Mariana, São Paulo - SP, 04012-080 Brazil
Phone+55 11 2640-9963

White Minimalist Shipping Container Home