Shipping Container Low-Cost Single-Family Home, Peru

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Location Pachacutec, Ventanilla, Región Callao, Perú
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TRS Studio developed a project for low-cost housing in Peru's Callao region. The shipping container single-family home is based on a 40 ft containers and is constructed of sturdy materials that involve low cost and low environmental impact. The project depends on community participation and aims to improve the quality of health and housing in the Pesquero II settlement through sustainable materials and techniques.

The project began with a study of the types of houses in the area, concluding that the basic structure should not be too invasive and that the materials should be easy to maintain and inexpensive. The result was the adaptation of a series of ISO 40 ft containers with a total area of ​​60 square meters using locally recycled wood.

The shipping container home is designed as two volumes, one above the other. The upper volume contains a social area and kitchen, while the other houses the private space. Interiors have natural light through openings in the ceiling.

The project was designed for a family of four and can be transformed into new spaces according to the family's needs.

The choice of materials was based on the specifics to the project. OSB recycled wood boards are made from wood shavings, an environmentally friendly, economical, versatile and durable material. This type of panel is resistant to deformation and offers excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. Recycled polycarbonate plates have also been incorporated into the design, and have a 20 year life span. The material has a high resistance to various weather conditions and temperature variations, while its transparency makes it applicable to facades, skylights and roofs.

Floor plans

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Shipping Container Low-Cost Single-Family Home, Peru