#FL1 - Two 40 ft Shipping Containers House Connected with Small Bridge, Portugal

About M°LAB
About Handwerk Algarve

Project: #FL1
Design and manufacture: M°LAB, Handwerk Algarve
Containers: 2 x 40 ft HC
Area: 48 m²
Location: Barão de São Miguel, Algarve, Portugal
Year: 2018

Sustainability, design and quality. With #FL1 shipping container house, M°LAB created an entire lifestyle conception based on two 40 ft HC shipping containers as living space. High quality and space saving interior design can compensate the contrast of small spaces. M°LAB built their first model of #FL1 shipping container house and implemented plenty of design ideas and building approaches to get an extraordinary functional and beautiful living space.

  • Fully equipped design interior
  • 48 m² of living space (2 containers)
  • Custom-fit, built-in furniture
  • Solid wood insulation
  • Individual interior options
  • Triple glazing and highly thermally-insulating panorama windows
  • Off grid version available
  • Hot water, electricity and gas supply inside

View from the kitchen throughout the second container.


Warm and natural wood colour positively influences state of mind, calm the nervous system in people and creates friendly conditions for recreation.

There is nothing better than sleeping right next to this panorama window! And we have a storage underneath the bed.

Back wall made from Portuguese mármore by local craftsmen.

Hidden space in the dining room / kitchen.

Kitchen window.

The FL1 Container is equipped with an integrated dry toilet. In that way we save water and protect the environment.


Two 40 feet high cube shipping containers in beautiful RAL 7035 grey.

Floor layer for ventilation. Next step: Build & install wooden core element.

Container's wooden core from spruce trees.

Wooden core panels were manufactured.

Assembling the wooden core of FL1.

Cabinets are custom made and precisely fit in the interior.

Setting up the infrastructure.

Shipping containers are connected.

Welded bath tub made of corten steel. We’ll keep it rusting for a while and finish the surface with Owatrol.



About M°LAB

AddressKrautgartenstraße 28a 86947 Weil Germany
Phone+49 1520 583 90 61

About Handwerk Algarve

All or nothing. The reason for moving to the Algarve was surfing. Only time, ambition and experience lead to an aesthetic result and this is also the case in professional craftsmanship.

Good training, many hours in the workshop and the right feeling for the material ultimately result in the desired product. This applies to carpenters, bricklayers, locksmiths or architects and that is our competence. Our years of experience as well as the creative craft Algarve team, consisting of craftsmen and designers, and our large network in the Algarve and in Germany make it possible to successfully implement projects. Be it individual furniture or the entire interior.

AddressBarão de São Miguel, Algarve, Portugal
Phone+351 920 081 423

#FL1 - Two 40 ft Shipping Containers House Connected with Small Bridge, Portugal