Shipping Container Restaurant with Inner Courtyard, Brazil

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About Bernardo Horta Arquiteto

ArchitectureBernardo Horta Arquiteto, Meius Arquitetura, Zargos Arquitetos
CollaboratorsDebora Camargos, Joao Pedro Lacerda, Rodrigo Pereira
Area78 sq m (840 sq ft)
ContainersFour 40 ft
ManufacturersCosentino, A3 Marmores, Espaco 670, JP Marcenaria, Oppa, Suvinil, Tenue Origamis, Torino Moveis planejados, iluminar
PhotographyHenrique Queiroga
LocationLagoa Santa, Brazil

Description by architects

The project is based on a simple line of reasoning: open the container for the public and thus invite them to enjoy the space. The colors and combinations complement each other: woods, metals, threads, light, black and red; complementary contradictory elements receive the individual. The main element is the wood that melts the environments creating a continuous space, where the interior and exterior are mixed, adding everything in a coherent way.

The kitchen, in red, superimposes the neutrality of the external colors, attracting attention beyond the space called social and coexistence. In the presumption of a visual impact, the individual is drawn to the base where the services take place: the heart of the restaurant. Finally, the urban art in the external canteen integrates the elements of the bar into the environment, providing all the miscegenation and spatial singularity of the project.

As every shipping container has its industrial air intrinsic to its shape and characteristics, our option was the most attractive for the local public.

Our inspiration was integration, which was achieved through a large opening (front facade to the inner courtyard), bringing the outside in. When we observed that all the environments projected by us would be complementary, we saw the need for this integration.

The main environment was treated in such a way that the wood of the floor covering is also the same for the internal chairs and for the lining (providing the connection). The bar, located in front of the container, will have the same language since we reuse its cutting can to make the wrapper. At the end of it all, we wanted to bring an environment that was a bit more vivid to the space, a place that is usually left in the background or treated as a service, the kitchen. This was painted with warm and strong colors, so that it was not just a common form, but a place of experience and curiosity (the kitchen will work serving the shipping container restaurant).

Floor plans / drawings

Location and contact info

AddressAv. Getúlio Vargas, 950 - Joana Darc, Lagoa Santa - MG, 33400-000, Brazil

About Bernardo Horta Arquiteto

Architectural firm in Belo Horizonte, founded in 2014, seeks to produce ideas and projects that can translate and materialize clients' dreams and that are inspiring to other people. The work developed has been recognized over the years, being awarded in competitions in addition to having projects published in newspapers, magazines and websites of the segment. The portfolio covers projects in the areas of Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Mixed-Use.

AddressRua Maranhão 904 Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil
Phone+55 31 99802-9878

Shipping Container Restaurant with Inner Courtyard, Brazil