Cozy 40 ft Shipping Container Home with Large Windows, Barneveld, New York

Construction process
Location and contact info

ProjectThe Scenic Orchard
Builders and ownersEmily, Lee & Gabe
Area320 sq ft
Containers1 x 40 ft
LocationBarneveld, New York, United States

This beautiful and cozy 40 ft shipping container home with large windows is located in Barneveld, New York. The overhangs for the fireplace and hot tub adds great detail to the design. Not much space to work with inside since 40 ft shipping containers are 320sqft but it has it all from a kitchen space, seating area, bathroom, and bedroom. Imagine making up to the sunrise in that bedroom with those huge windows

This shipping container originally stored lawn furniture and sat at the back of the property was as useful as it could be.

Owners didn't hire a construction company to do this shipping container transformation - fortunately they were able to do a lot of the work themselves with the help of one full time worker.

Though, they did hire out independent (extremely talented) contractors for the sheetrocking, spray foam and concrete (as owners did not have a large concrete truck at their disposal nor did they think they could've done a better job than professionals).

Description by Airbnb

This Modern Getaway was thoughtfully designed to bring you a luxurious getaway in mother nature.

Featuring large glass windows throughout the front allows you unobstructed views anytime of the day! Every window does have blinds that you can adjust to your liking as well.

The heated floors allow you to walk freely & comfortably while staying cozy, even in the winter! While, the hot tub is just a few steps away on the outdoor patio that also hosts a large fire pit for you to enjoy!

The interior is based off the simplicity and peacefulness of the surrounding property (The AKaydia Estate) tying in clean and calming colors.


Construction process

Location and contact info

Address7677 Cameron Hill Rd, Barneveld, NY 13304, United States

Cozy 40 ft Shipping Container Home with Large Windows, Barneveld, New York