Municipal Public Library Made of Used Shipping Containers, Colombia

Floor Plan
About EContainers

Architects in ChargeIvan Patarroyo, Jeronimo Arias
Area116 sq m (1250 sq ft)
ContainersFive: Three 20 ft + Two 40 ft
PhotographyAndres Osorio
LocationSanta Helena, Mesetas, Meta, Colombia

Description by architects

EContainers develops innovative spaces in design and comfort based on sustainable and renewable architecture that adapt to all types of industry, thus minimizing global environmental impacts since it gives maritime containers a second architectural life when they reach borders of their transport life. This company develops an architecture with containers that is a green and respectful architecture with the environment since it meets the bases of sustainability "3R: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce".

For this project, they developed a municipal public library requested by the Colombian Ministry of Culture to deliver to the Santa Helena village in the municipality of Mesetas, Meta. This project consists of 5 containers, 3 of 20 feet and 2 of 40 feet, which were restored and adapted for the needs of the municipality in cultural matters.

The shipping container public library has solar panels for its operation and was equipped with approximately 1,400 books, supplied by the National Libraries, with the aim of facilitating the circulation and access to information towards greater knowledge and strengthening the reading and writing processes.

The construction of municipal public libraries, apart from promoting the use of new construction systems that are easy to transport, easy to assemble, economic in their sustainability and rapid in their execution, also contributes to encouraging reading in the population and to more people, especially children and young people, become more interested in cultural and historical issues.

According to Andres Valencia, CEO of EContainers, “Cargotecture or construction with containers responds to the concept of sustainable and renewable architecture that adapts to all types of industry. Replacing traditional construction with modular construction allows us to reduce global environmental impacts and contribute to building a better future”.

The focus of this company is to reach areas of difficult access given the complexity of their geographical conditions, it becomes a challenge and a driving force to continue reaching these, where others do not dare to try. In this way, EContainres is committed to sustainable and innovative solutions, adapting to new dynamics, seeking to protect the planet, setting an example of sustainability with the highest quality and construction standards and adapting them to every need. In addition, it invites other companies to become aware of the environment and contribute to the planet, having environmental sustainability and circular economy as a pillar.

Shipping Container Library Floor Plan

About EContainers

We are experts in container construction and architecture. Cargo or shipping container construction uses a shipping container as a construction element. This construction method provides economic advantages in time and cost, offers fresh and innovative aesthetic, and contributes positively to sustainability as it allows recycling, reducing and reusing materials.

Custom projects with containers

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients from start to finish. Put your trust in us and we will make sure to develop your idea, make your dream come true and create a sustainable construction with high impact through our conceptual engineering.

1. Have an initial idea of your project either a sketch or a basic description of it

2. We will hold a personalized meeting with our architecture and project team in order to start the conceptualization and structuring of your project ideas

3. What do you receive when you start your project? A design proposal made by our architecture and design team based on the specific needs of your project, which include:

  • Architectural plans
  • 3D rendering
  • Economic proposal and technical specifications

4. With this you will be ready to carry out the execution of your project and make your dream come true

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20 and 40 foot versions. Workspaces such as container offices are the best way to optimize your costs, thanks to the fact that they are mobile and easy to locate on any type of terrain. An efficient, fast and high-quality solution where you will find everything you need to work comfortably

Ideal offices for work under temperatures below 25°C. The units provide a sense of well-being to your collaborators, creating an area conducive to the development of their work, promoting order and efficiency. We have a simple and full office for rent or sale, in this way you can select the most appropriate office in relation to your needs and your budget.

Full Container Office

20 and 40 foot versions. Office containers are designed to provide comfort and versatility to the workplace, these container offices provide a conditioned space with excellent finishes for the development of your work.

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  • If you require it, we can complement your office-type container with a bathroom.

Benefits of installing an office in a shipping container:

  • Removable and reusable.
  • Ideal for temporary projects.
  • Ecological.
  • Decrease in logistics and operating costs.
  • Fully transportable.
  • Shipping nationwide with easy portability.
  • Quick implementation.
  • Customizable to all kinds of needs.


  • High quality.
  • strong structures.
  • Resistance and durability.
  • Comfort and practicality.
  • Excellent engineering and design.
  • Wide range of equipment.
  • Ground transportation.

Sales Room Containers

The sales room type containers are the immediate solution to achieve greater visibility to your work, they have glass sides ideal for increasing the visual magnitude of your project and achieving the transition from a common space to a center of experience, with a creative design that captivates your customers through the highest quality standards and the best finishes.

Being at the forefront and revolutionizing the traditional sales room format is now possible thanks to the sales room made with shipping containers, since they provide ease of mobility from one work to another, ensuring your operation in different places and preserving the identity of your brand, with this unit you will start sales without delay in an original, practical and effective way.

We have 20 and 40 foot sales rooms, with spaces designed with a high corporate impact and an elegant presence. Through transformation and construction operations that are carried out on the container, it is possible to develop an attractive element for your clients.

Benefits of Sales Room Type Containers

Modernity and elegance are key concepts in the design that guarantees a good welcome to the visitor Eco-architecture that promotes environmental awareness and seeks to optimize natural resources Unit with excellent presentation, finishes according to the technical requirements of your work that will allow you to provide customer service in a pleasant space. We provide all the essential connection tools for managing communications in your project.

The most innovative trends in sales room-type containers are in a center of creative experiences that captivate the customer through technological and functional or decorative resources, including colors, accessories and custom materials. At E Containers, modernity and elegance are concepts in the design of our sales rooms made of containers that guarantee a good reception for visitors. Each sales room is made according to the needs of our customers.


  • High quality.
  • strong structures.
  • Resistance and durability.
  • Comfort and practicality.
  • Excellent engineering and design.
  • Wide range of equipment.

Our main objective is that through this product you can generate welcoming areas with economic, fast and transportable benefits; speeding up the reach of the balance point without losing the essence of your project and with the peace of mind that only an ally like E Containers can offer you.

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Municipal Public Library Made of Used Shipping Containers, Colombia