Escape Den - Shipping Container Home with Decks on I-Beam Steel Frame

Escape Den shipping container home contains the kitchen and dinning area on the ground floor, while the living room and bedrooms are situated on the two upper levels. Three spaces are connected via a set of stairs which also connects the home’s various decks and terraces supported by I-beam steel frame.

Construction Process
Floor Plans / Drawings
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ProjectEscape Den
ArchitectureRiver & Rain
Area134 sqm
Architects In ChargeKazi Fida Islam, Md. Abdul Awyal, Sumaiya Shameem, Mousumi Kabir, Irtefa Iradat, Abid Khan
ClientTanjim Haque, Asma Sultana
Structural ConsultantRuhul Alam
Electrical ConsultantEng. Asad
PhotographyMaruf Raihan, Hasan Saifuddin Chandan, Snahasis Saha
LocationDhaka, Bangladesh

Description by architects


Concept of space evoked on three main grounds; to create a hymn of solitary through a more contemporary yet quirky design approach with a time worthy construction period. The space was considered as the simplest of its expression. Neither form dominated nor space, a perfect mingling and cohesion to generate ooze sophistication. To create a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace. Space here is not stagnant; it’s allowed to flow with its highest ardencies, form is only the resonance of space.


The location is mostly secluded of settlements at present and therefore remains little less noise. The serene place is a perfect hide out from every day hustle-bustle of busy urban life.

The I-beam steel frame skeleton is finely embellished with four pieces of shipping containers. The longest one is adjoined with two, forming the bedrooms. The rustic romanticism those containers evokes, are taken delightfully by the architect to recreate a place that just impeccably out of the world, surreal.

Triple height atrium with green foliage of almond tree is indeed a solemn beauty for anyone who steps inside. The soft screening of vines in the top will soon be a veil of green velvet. The embedded greenery on container top and I-beam steel frame acts as buffers to lessen the heat penetration.

Project technology

Extruded steel structure embraced the container gracefully. The whole frame was erected part by part as an independent system where those metal boxes were befitted in between the infrastructure. For ultimate makeovers of containers and to make them livable, necessary cut, holes and adjoining for facade treatment have been done after the accurate placement in desired level to avoid the fragility.

The hefty look of those containers has become dramatically airier with some skillful ensemble of architectural details. The floated platforms of the house, intertwining stairs and diverse direction of container placement have made the project more visually eye-catching.


The off track material was shipping container itself. The significance also lied beneath for its consideration of reuse, thus initiating a sustainable approach in design. Major inventory of materials are of reused version.

Constraints and solutions achieved

Apart from the structural execution, the complex procedure of the spatial transformation of shipping container into a cozy home stay was a substantial design constrain. The non-enchanting and austere look of hard core shipping containers had to transform into a ideal, cozy built form. The interior has slits and cut through to add volume to the space. The scale of individual container has been maneuvered considering both internal and external space dialogues with it. Exposed steel structures framed the invisible walls thus creating with a harmony of visible containers.

Details of landscaping

Clearly the landscaping has been kept bare minimum to enjoy the enchantment of the house. The open vast front yard is clung to adorn the structure; hence, created the perfect soliloquy for this outskirt den.

Construction Process

Floor Plans / Drawings


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Escape Den - Shipping Container Home with Decks on I-Beam Steel Frame