Meadow on Deventer City Beach Shipping Container Restaurant, Netherlands

Each year, owners plan to place this shipping container restaurant in March and replace it in November due to high water in the IJssel river in winter.

Building process
About Architecten Lab

Architect: Architecten Lab
Construction: Esteq Twello
Idea and owner: Koos Janssen
Containers: 4 x 40 ft High Cube and one 20 ft High Cube
Year: 2019
Location: Deventer, Netherlands

Description from owners

We are Koos Janssen and Evelien Janssen-Musch and over the past three years we have been intensively involved in obtaining the necessary permits to realize a city beach with restaurants on the west side of the IJssel near Deventer. Now that the most important permits have been issued, the crowdfunding and construction have been successfully completed, we are ready for the next step: operating our first private catering company at an absolute a-location with an amazing view of the Deventer skyline

From 2019, Meadow is installed annually between April and October and operated on the future city beach of Deventer. At Meadow, residents, visitors and businesses of Deventer can enjoy coffee, drinks and our summer dishes. In the spring and autumn (April, May, September and October) Meadow is open at least 5 days a week from at least 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. In the peak months (June, July and August) we are open six or seven days a week with opening times varying between 9 a.m. and about 10 p.m. depending on weather conditions. Depending on the time and size of the group, it is possible to rent Meadow in some situations.

We stand for quality, responsibility and sustainability with respect for people, animals and nature. The temporary catering pavilion is made up of modified sea containers and used building materials and is, where possible, self-sufficient. Collaborations and connections are sought with local entrepreneurs and initiatives and urban products are sold.

Inside there is seating for 48 guests and at least 60 seats on the two deck terraces. Indoors include a catering kitchen, toilets, bar, cool and storage space. In addition, there will be a kiosk where passers-by and holiday-makers can visit the 4,000 m2 recreational area for, for example, tasty coffee, a surprising sandwich or an organic ice cream.

Together with Stichting Deventer Stadsstrand, we take care of the management and maintenance of the plot of the city beach and surrounding area, for example by keeping litter clean.

The interior of Meadow is an eclectic mix between botanical and vintage atmospheres. Used elements alternate with new and designer furniture and the staff consists mainly of skilled workers with sufficient experience. At the same time, new employees within the company are trained and prepared to work fully within the company.

During the season we focus mainly on residents who live within a radius of 2 kilometers and passers-by such as the many hikers and cyclists in the area. Recreational visitors of the public urban meadow are our largest target group on warm days. Several low-threshold activities are possible during the year and there is room for small-scale private parties, such as "getting married with your feet in the grass" or a business networking event. You can come and celebrate your birthday with us or give a product presentation. The possibilities are endless, provided the theme fits within the concept.

As residents of Deventer, we know the area like the back of our hand and with almost 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we know the pros and cons of the industry all too well. With our well-considered business plan, broad expertise and additional qualities, we are convinced of the success of MEADOW. Koos will mainly be responsible for operational management, organization and commercial activities and Evelien is operationally responsible on the work floor as a hostess, for example taking care of managing employees. Evelien therefore becomes the face of Meadow.

Building Process


Address: Bolwerksweg 11, 7419 AA Deventer, Netherlands
Phone: 0570594575

About Architecten Lab

Talent, attention and guts

The Architecten_Lab team is experienced, driven and enthusiastic. “With every assignment we look for what matters! No matter how small or large the assignments are, influences and factors are first inventoried so that the context is clearly mapped. We work as the alchemists used to do: with all the ingredients that are available, we look for gold in our Lab_Sessions. ”

Our starting points

“We have made a number of conscious choices. The question was how can you do it differently, fitting in this time? Working in changing teams gives the freedom to be able to offer clients more. We form the most suitable team for each assignment. ”

What does the renewal look like?

No longer strive for designs for your own interest and artistic outbursts, but think and design for a common interest.
Fair sharing of responsibility.
Not thinking in terms of ownership and capital, but in sharing and building social capital.
Clients and users are actively involved in "drawing" design.
Deliver an open and transparent performance.
Working from internal motivation and personal passion.
and finally: open, open-minded, creative and confident to meet every assignment.

Architect as an expert team player

"Our field is too complex to only" act ". Working together is not the same as sharing work! By making optimum use of our talents in changing teams, we work more effectively than individual specialized agencies. The assignments? From visions and design issues to architectural elaboration and delivery. From renovation to new construction, from interior assignments to public space and even advice for civil technical (art) works. The (national) government also likes to work with the Architecten_Lab!

In addition to collaboration, it is important to share knowledge. It's not for nothing that the Architecten_Lab is located on De Gasfabriek's Business Innovation Campus, in the former Essent office. "We also work with other entrepreneurs, wherever possible, and we share knowledge and skills. By linking experience and craftsmanship to smart ideas, we create designs that are people-oriented, realistic and environmentally aware. ”

"We prefer to work on projects that benefit society, that do not waste energy and use as many opportunities as possible."

Address: Zutphenseweg 6, 7418 AJ Deventer, Netherlands
Phone: 0570616838

Meadow on Deventer City Beach Shipping Container Restaurant, Netherlands