Artificial Green Roof + Deck Shipping Container Home, Costa Rica

Price: $78.000 (2019)
Location: Playa Negra, Costa Rica
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1

2 spacious bedrooms with closets, A/C, high quality ceiling fans, and large noise-proof windows.
The bathroom features a luxurious shower with massage turbines.

There is also a good sized indoor laundry area.
Sturdy granite counter tops, built in wine racks, and an easy to clean flat-top stove give the kitchen an elegant, modern feel.

The shipping container home features a rooftop terrace ideal for sitting outside, as it is covered by UV protected, polybicarbonate laminates, and has a great view of the garden. Plants surround the property, and one of the wonderful features of this shipping container home with artificial green roof and deck, is the modern, underground irrigation system which economically distributes water evenly to all green areas.

Just a few steps up the uniquely designed winding staircase and you’ll be on the green roof deck which has artificial grass below and a durable fabric above which allows for partial sunlight to come through. This space is great for outdoor meals, family or couple time, or just as the perfect spot to read a book with a cup of coffee.



Artificial Green Roof + Deck Shipping Container Home, Costa Rica