Seoul Youth Zone Shipping Container Building, South Korea

'Zero-gravity Zone Daebang-dong' is a shipping container building space for young people's activities consisting of 13 container volumes, contributing to environmental sustainability based on economic efficiency and variability. In addition, it is also a place for social sustainability that becomes more important through the manifestation of users' energy and potential in a new cultural space created by architectural ideas, the will of young people, and the support of local governments.

About Think Tree Architects Office

Design: Think Tree Architects Office / Lee Kang Soo + Kang Ju-Hyung
Location: 340-5, Daebang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Land area: 1,646 m2
Building area: 231.6 m2
Total area: 398.4 m2
Floor area ratio: 24.2%
Floors: 2 floors above ground
Structure: Lightweight steel structure
Design period: 2014.9 - 2014.12
Construction period: 2015.1 - 2015.5
Design team: Lee Tae Ho, Oh Jin Young, Lee Han Song, Hong Chang Il
Photo: Bae Seung Bin, Think Tree Architects Office

Shipping Container Seoul Youth Zone is a comprehensive space for young people. Modern young people are suffering from the worries for the modern life and the problems that our society needs to solve, including questions related to love, marriage, human relations. This project, called 'Seoul Youth Zone', is a place where young people are centered on small solutions in zero gravity and free from various constraints. This project provides a place for young people's activities and culture exchange. The weightless zone is a platform for young people space and content. It includes a program where individuals and groups interact and work together. Considering the long-term development plan, budget and schedule, 40ft shipping container is used as the main material of the structure. Shipping container in this project symbolizes originality and challenge. The building was arranged considering conditions of the triangular shape of the building lot and the walking movement of the residents and planned to form a dynamic space so that originality and enterprising can be revealed in appearance as youth space.

Shipping container modules with uniform specifications cover a central lounge space for comprehensive activities, providing one large space, and internal spaces of the surrounding shipping container volumes are composed of spaces for seminar rooms, sharing kitchens, restrooms and office spaces. This configuration acts as a spatial lattice that enriches the relationship between the outer - inner space (container) - inner space - inner space (container) - outer space through container volume. Based on this, the space of each program functions effectively by combining and opening container modules. Rooms needed for equipment were collected and bundled into one volume, and the office and seminar rooms were expanded by combining two modules. When you come in through the tilted volume, you will find atrium, seminar room and open kitchen on the ground floor, where you can find space for relaxation, for events, communication and education. The seminar room expands to the atrium when the folding glass door is opened.

The two inclined sloping containers are the space for stairs and exhibition. Here visitors can have freedom to rest, communicate and enjoy an exhibition everywhere in the staircase. It provides an area full of comfort. The first space created with shipping container is utilized as a mini lounge receiving natural light. There is start-up and creative activities area on the second floor, six office spaces line up side by side with an inner balcony type hall overlooking the lower atrium. An independent office space is located at the end of the corridor.

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Seoul Youth Zone Shipping Container Building, South Korea