Shipping Container Sale Rooms, Showroom and Offices, Santiago, Chile

Drawings / Floor plans
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Project: MG store and offices
Architects: DX Arquitectos, Claudio Aguila, Juan Luzoro, Justyna Skrobanska
Builder: Pablo Bórquez, Furniture Operations Manager Gacitúa
Location: San Miguel, Santiago, Chile
Area: 154 m²
Materials: 40 HC (High Cube) shipping container, rubber floor, 5 mm polyurethane exposed ceiling, similar wood melamine, MG line furniture, recycled aluminum windows
Year: 2010
Photographs: Pablo Blanco Barros

The shipping container as a means of transporting a product, now as a user's container. Elementary and iconic prefab structure. Pure volumes intersect in an esplanade towards Santa Rosa, the speed of the highway defines the tensions and pauses of these.

On the first floor, the shipping containers intersect, forming the furniture exhibition and sale rooms (showroom). While the volume, which is on the second floor, contains offices.

Drawings / Floor plans

About Dx arquitectos


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AddressLa Luma 1398, Vitacura, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Shipping Container Sale Rooms, Showroom and Offices, Santiago, Chile