2 Story L-Shaped Shipping Container Office Building, Mexico

Drawings / Floor plans
About Gabriel Esper + SG-Arquitectos

Architects: Gabriel Esper + SG-Arquitectos
Area: 85 m²
Containers: 2
Year: 2016
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Photographs: Luis Gordoa
Suppliers: Comex, Interceramic, MACERE México
Other Participants: Alexa Mauleón

Description by project team

The project is 2 story L-shaped shipping container office building and includes the sales offices for a real estate development, for this, only a part of the land of approximately 250 m² was used, on the corner formed by Carlos B. Zetina and Benjamín Franklin streets, in Colonia Condesa.

The solution consisted of reusing two shipping containers which were placed one on top of the other perpendicularly. This solution allowed to generate a large terrace on the roof of the lower container and an exhibition room or glass box that results in the vacuum under the upper container and the ground floor.

One of the most important aspects of the project are the common and open spaces that function as a small-scale central plaza, allowing for a more friendly relationship between interior and exterior. The plaza also functions as a public space or waiting room where prospective buyers can wait to be served by sales staff.

In the lower container is the sales area and the exhibition room or glass box in which the model of the project is shown, in the upper one there is a meeting room and the main terrace, both containers communicate through an exterior staircase.

It was decided to keep the original wooden floors in each container, except for the main terrace and the glass box, in which a paste floor was used, in the same way and to maintain the industrial language of the project and inside you can see the old and rusty original structure of the upper container.

Drawings / Floor plans

About Gabriel Esper + SG-Arquitectos

We understand the site, a need and a user as specific elements of opportunity to generate spaces that allow transforming quality and attitude in everyday life.

We use these three elements so that, through a process of exploration and experimentation of materials, shapes and techniques, they lead us to a practical and consistent solution between space and function.
We pay specific and punctual attention in relation to the immediate context and our proposal, the public and private space and the transition elements that are generated through them, always understanding architecture as a study object and the city as a living organism and always changing.

Our design processes also change and always adapt to these three elements, understanding their relationship through a coherent and logical horizontal process.

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2 Story L-Shaped Shipping Container Office Building, Mexico