Unit Cafe - Shipping Container Restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine

Floor plans
About TSEH Architectural Group

Architects: TSEH Architectural Group
Area: 275 m²
Containers: 14
Year: 2016
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photographs: Mihail Cherny, Evgen Zuzovsky
Suppliers: Hexagon Poti, IVELA, Rovasi
Clients: Vasyl Khmelnytsky's fund - K. Fund
Video: Yegor Troyanovsky (direction), Olga Beskhmelnitsyna (production), Koloah (music)

Description by architects

The Unit Cafe Shipping Container Restaurant became one of the objects of the project to revitalize a part of the plant located in Kiev and our team was working on it.

This cafe is mainly for students studying at 'Unit Factory' school. At first we did not plan to build it. But as we were working on the school project, we realized that there wasn't as much room for a large canteen or cafeteria in the rebuilt building. So we decided to offer the investor to locate the cafeteria separately.

They told us about the opportunity to use shipping containers, but after a few sketches they gave us approval to prepare detailed documents.

The cafe became a quirky business card, a bright spot as residents, students, and others eat, meet, discuss business, and learn about the City of Unit - the name given to this territory.

Fourteen containers were used in the implementation of the project. One of them is vertical, where a staircase is located. On the first floor there is an open terrace that is in the form of a console above the ground floor. The console on the first floor is 7.5 meters. It has a great school and business centers. On one side there is water that leads to the entrance of the bridge.

Exterior and interior have something in common: a bright green container (the first floor) that is also partially painted in this color. There are comfortable sofas, tables with chairs, and plants on the floor and on the first floors. There is a kitchen, a toilet and pantries on the ground floor. The total area of ​​the cafeteria is 275 square meters.


Floor plans

About TSEH Architectural Group

TSEH Architectural Group – a group of architects who focus on the creation of contemporary architecture. Despite the young age of the company behind us already considerable work experience, publications in print and online editions, the first prizes of architectural competitions.

Our final goal – to get a quality product is implemented, to hold him from the first sketches to the end of construction in a short time, to offer the best and optimal variants, depending on the initial set of factors.
During the implementation of the facilities, we successfully cooperate with all companies what we met on our way. Together, we embody the most ambitious concept. Always open to dialogue and cooperation.

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Unit Cafe - Shipping Container Restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine