3 Bedroom Tropical Shipping Container Home, Indonesia

Floor plans / Drawings
About Atelier Riri

ArchitectAtelier Riri
Area155 m² (1670 ft²)
LocationJatiasih, Indonesia
PhotographsTeddy Yunantha
Architect In ChargeArga Putra Rachman
Project DirectorNovriansyah Yakub
Construction companyASKALA Indonesia

Description by the project team. 

Atelier Riri was challenged to design a 3 bedroom shipping container home using reused containers, in an area of ​​150 sqm.

The tropical shipping container home is located in Bekasi, a suburb near the big city of Jakarta. Where there are homes for young couples with 2 children. In addition to the basic necessities, and bringing the family together in a living space, the owners also wanted to add a hobby room as an activity area for the children and their parents.

The 3 bedroom shipping container home consists of 4 overlapping and crisscrossing installed shipping containers. These containers serve secondary needs, such as the hobby room, especially since space is limited and thermal comfort is still below average, although several additional layers have actually been added to the ceiling to lower the interior temperature. This includes the installation of a metal mesh for plant propagation and glass wool insulation over the pine wood.

The movement of people inside the tropical shipping container home, is continuous, exploring each space that could be more entertaining for the occupants. Stairs and ramps reach each floor and the part of the house that is divided by a large void in its center. We also made additional space by using a wooden deck on the top. This space can be used to gather the family while enjoying the fresh air in the morning or midday.

To continue the spirit of recycling materials, all the wood in the project is used pine. The metal plates are arranged to form a connection between the container frame and the door. We also focus on reducing materials, such as floors, made of polished concrete, unfinished wood furniture, and brick wall that was only painted to reduce the use of cement.

The roof garden is also used as an extended space from the containers.

We strongly believe that this 3 bedroom shipping container home will give a new definition to contemporary tropical Indonesian homes.

3 Bedroom Tropical Shipping Container Home Floor plans / Drawings

About Atelier Riri

Atelier Riri is a design and architecture firm founded by Novriansyah Yakub (Riri) in Jakarta.

This firm is a broadening notion to what Riri believes and does since he began his architectural debut in 2005. Until now the firm has been evolving with the work of architecture, interior, landscape, and product design.

All of those works reveal a deep concern on reliable function without set aesthetic values aside. The key to this dedication is always listening to and asking the client in order to gather more information to understand and learn essential aspects of the user’s requirements and demands. Atelier Riri’s point of views on architecture and other fields of creative design have always been focused on how to connect the life, the surrounding, and the sustainable design minded within contemporary solutions.

Therefore, architecture works are not merely buildings, but also a responsive attitude toward its context.

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3 Bedroom Tropical Shipping Container Home, Indonesia